Historic Bulldog Training Aircraft Arrives At Newark Air Museum

By Graham Spicer | 11 January 2006
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Shows a photo of truck towing a trailer down a country road with a small red and white aircraft on it with its wings detatched and stored vertically

Bulldog XX634 made the short journey from Warwickshire to Newark Air Museum and is already on show. Picture courtesy Newark Air Museum

Newark Air Museum received delivery of Scottish Aviation Bulldog XX634 on January 9 2006, adding to their extensive collection of training aircraft at Winthorpe Airfield in Nottinghamshire.

This military training aircraft was purchased thanks to a 50% grant from the PRISM (Preservation of Industrial and Scientific Material) Fund and museum member donations.

"Although the plane is no longer able to fly it is still in excellent condition," said a museum spokesman. He explained that the museum had started to reattach its wings and it is already on view for visitors.

The Beagle design is unusual in that it was developed from a civilian aircraft, the Beagle Pup, and replaced the aging De Havilland Chipmunk to provide dual control training for the RAF from the mid 1970s. They were also used by air forces around the world, including in Sweden, Nigeria, Jordan and Malaysia.

XX634 itself saw extensive service at the RAF’s Central Flying School and with several University Air Squadrons in Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool and the East Midlands before retiring to be used partly for spare parts at a private aviation company in Warwickshire.

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