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Plan your day out in the North West! Find hundreds of places to visit - museums, art galleries, historic attractions, castles and stately homes in Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, the Isle of Man, Lancashire and Merseyside.

a photo of a foil balloon floating in outer space above Earth

How many curators does it take to change a lightbulb? Liverpool Biennial reviewed

Mark Sheerin enjoys himself time travelling across Liverpool for the 2016 Liverpool Biennial; "a pleasing experience" with a strong core of artists whose work gels together.

A photo of a pair of glasses which once belonged to the poet William Wordsworth

How William Wordsworth's glasses show the poet's lifelong struggle with eye problems

William Wordsworth was at times left partially sighted and sensitive to bright lights. Read more in this piece from the Wordsworth Museum, where his 19th century glasses are on display.

A photo of a person wearing colourful glowing clothing in artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor

A big societal change? The hi-tech clothing that changes colour to show air pollution

Artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor is a design for clothing with colours that change according to the pollution on the streets its wearer walks down. It's about to premiere in Manchester.

a photo of a woman in front of a display case

Curator's Choice: The Nantwich Salt Ship at Lion Salt Works, Cheshire

Curator Liz Royles, of the Museums and Heritage Show Conservation Award winners Lion Salt Works, talks about the Nantwich Salt Ship, which was hewn from oak sometime around the Norman Conquest.

A photo of artist Bedwyr Williams in a seated yoga pose next to a Macclesfield instructor

"Coronation Street meets Last of the Summer Wine": Bedwyr William creates festival work with Macclesfield yogi

Sunday mornings in the sun salutation pose for Bedwyr Williams, whose new film, Flexure, will premiere at a Georgian chapel for Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival.

A photo of wildlife in Chernobyl at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Cameras capture Chernobyl's thriving wildlife 30 years after world's worst nuclear disaster

A two-day virtual reality event in Manchester is about to show what life looks like in Chernobyl - 30 years after Reactor 4 exploded.

a photo of a series of Bronze Age axe implements

Archaeological dig planned as metal detectorist discovers untouched Bronze Age burial mound

A campaign to excavate a rare untouched Bronze Age barrow in the North West of England has been launched following a chance discovery by an amateur metal detectorist.

A photo of the interior building from the Pre-Raphaelites on Paper: Victorian Drawings from the Lanigan Collection at Leighton House Museum

From Liverpool to London, the two "thoughtful and detailed" major exhibitions telling stories of the Pre-Raphaelite

Two collectors play key roles in the beautiful Pre-Raphaelite exhibitions currently being held at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery and Leighton House Museum in London.

A photo of the centre of Chester showing a Carphone Warehouse building and people

"Without doubt, Chester is the city of love": Is the walled city the place to be this Valentine's Day?

Could Chester be the city of love? Historians in the city think so - and have put some shiny ancient love symbols on display at the Grosvenor Museum for Valentine's Day.

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