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A photo of a mock-up of a Roman soldier riding into battle on horseback

"Blockbuster" exhibition to tell tales of Roman cavalry archaeology found along Hadrian's Wall

A "blockbuster" exhibition will spend £690,000 in funding on a display across the Roman frontier, based around the story of the elite cavalry regiments who once roamed the land.

A photo of a man's face under the cover of darkness

Laughing Holes and Slaptalk: Ten things to see at this year's Sick! Festival

From the changing face of porn to a homage to artist Frida Kahlo, this year's festival is about to begin in Brighton and Manchester. Here are a few of the oddities to enjoy.

a photo of stone carved heads set in a landscape

Manchester Museum to reveal more secrets of the Easter Island statues

New research into the great stone maoi of the Pacific Island of Rapa Nui is about to be revealed when Manchester Museum opens a new exhibition about the Easter Island statues.

A photo of a woman smiling in a park

The new-look Whitworth Art Gallery: Director Maria Balshaw on the £15 million development

The Director of one of Manchester's best-loved galleries - reopened last week following a £15 million redevelopment - talks new spaces, artists and expletives.

A photo of a brown brick terrace house

Campaign launched to turn Ian Curtis's home into museum devoted to Joy Division star

The two-bedroom terrace house in Macclesfield where Ian Curtis lived and died could be turned into a museum about the singer if a campaign raises the £115,000 asking price.

a black and white photo of the deck of a ship with chairs

The UK's last surviving Steam Tug-Tender to be restored and opened to public

The Heritage Lottery Fund have awarded £3.8million to restore and open to the public the historic vessel the Daniel Adamson, the last-surviving Steam Tug-Tender in the UK.

A photo of a green-headed figure from outer space in a purple suit in a museum space

Dan Dare, Red Rum, the Blitz and neolithic sands: The Atkinson opens new display in Southport

A sculptor who created a version of the Beatles for a museum in Liverpool has given a one-metre version of Dan Dare's nemesis to a new display ranging from prehistoric Merseyside to Luftwaffe......

A photo of a man in profile

New arts centre calls for backers in bid to beat the cuts in Greater Manchester

An entrepreneur who has helped provide £35,000 for a new learning centre in Greater Manchester says the venue will open in the summer if a further £10,000 can be raised.

a photo of a boat on stilts in a cellar

The UK's oldest surviving yacht prepares to emerge from its subterranean home

A precious yacht which had lain undiscovered in a cellar on the Isle of Man for over a century is about to be gently craned from its subterranean home for essential conservation work.

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