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A photo of a group of people looking happy on a snowy hill

Celebrations in the snow as Northumberland National Park wins £7.8 million in Lottery funding

The team behind the proposed Sill discovery centre in Northumberland say they are on the brink of "something really special" after securing a huge investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A photo of a group of classical musicians performing inside a darkened tunnel

22-piece orchestra to play concert in hard hats in former air raid shelter below Newcastle

The Underground Orchestra will invite their audience into the former coal waggonway and air raid shelter for a performance inspired by the north-east.

A photo of circular gold and red objects in a gallery display case

Middlesbrough takes pride in MIMA's new Jewellery Gallery

Curator Alix Collingwood says organisers at the Institute of Modern Art are "thrilled" with the first permanent gallery at the venue since it opened its doors in 2007.

A photo of a large brown archaeological trench with a measuring stick within its earth

Vindolanda's Roman toilet seat inspires manufacturer to make new Thunderbox loo seat

An impressed toilet manufacturer will produce a special edition luxury seat and has pledged a cash sum towards the care of a wooden 'throne' found along Hadrian's Wall.

A photo of a small stone statuette head carved into the face of a goddess

Archaeologists find statuette head of northern goddess at Arbeia Roman fort

Experts believe the broken-off head of a goddess worshipped by a tribe in Roman South Shields is likely to be an intricately-carved, paint-daubed representation of Brigantia.

Black and white photo of a woman listening to headphones

Artist Sam Belinfante curates show about listening at BALTIC Project Space

The new Hayward Touring Exhibition, featuring work by Janet Cardiff, Laure Provost and Haroon Mirza, opens at BALTIC 39 in Newcastle.

A photo of a man driving a car in the dark while a woman sits in the back

Nick Cave film stars Kylie Minogue and Ray Winstone as Tyneside Cinema gallery opens

An award-winner for Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, 20,000 Days on Earth will form part of the opening programme for new film-art space The Gallery in Newcastle.

A photo of a crack in a dark black textile used as a toilet during Roman times

Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old wooden toilet seat used by Romans at Vindolanda fort

The only surviving wooden Roman toilet seat in Britain has been found in perfectly-preserved condition at the former fort of Vindolanda, near Hadrian's Wall.

A photo of a painting of a medieval countryside location

Museum of Archaeology opens Living on the Hills: 10,000 Years of Durham exhibition

Tools, cup, bowls, everyday objects, art and architecture range from prehistory to Roman and Medieval objects in Durham - many of them found during 1970s excavations.

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