Museums at Night 2010: Romans return at Corinium Museum

By Culture24 Staff | 13 May 2010
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Museums at Night 2010: Corinium Museum, Cirencester, Friday May 14 2010

For extraordinary dedication to costumed flamboyance, the team at the Corinium Museum in Gloucestershire have come up trumps for Museums at Night.

A legion of volunteers and local college performers have been rehearsing inside the award-winning homage to Cirencester’s Roman past, morphing into Saxon princesses and Roman casualties rising from their tombs, scaring and delighting passers-by in the process.

A photo of two men in Roman costumes sitting in a wooden room

Roman re-enactors star in Cirencester

"I'll be a Saxon archaeologist," says Archaeological Officer Alison Brooks, who is clearly concentrating more on her day job of introducing and explaining the collections to visitors alongside fellow experts.

"It's certainly had a good response from the kids."

A photo of a woman dressed in a red Roman robe

Saxon Princesses get a shot at the costume department

Brooks has devised a full evening of interpretational fun for their audience, kicking off with a screening of blockbuster film A Night at the Museum 2 and proceeding with an interactive quest around the exhibits based on CBBC's award-winning Relic: Guardians of the Museum programme.

Like the surrounding Cotswolds, the Corinium is always worth revisiting.

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