Snakes, moles and elephant teeth in Tring Natural History Museum late-night show

By Culture24 Staff | 13 May 2009
  • Archived article
A picture of children looking at natural history artefacts

Snakes and moles will be the touchy-feely stars of Museums at Night 2009 at Tring

There’s a typically tactile feel to the Natural History Museum at Tring’s Museums at Night 2009 offering, bringing out “a variety of specimens” to allow visitors to stroke snakes, feel the fur of moles and genets and examine elephant teeth and dried seahorses.

The popular Museum will be open until 10pm on Friday, and Manager Paul Kitching is urging local residents to experience the “fantastic” on-site collections, which include new exhibition Bumblebees and the newly-refurbished Gallery 6.

Runs May 15 2009, 10am – 10pm. Admission free, call 020 7942 6171. Café and shop available.

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