A night to remember: New Arts Council film tells the jellied tales of Museums at Night 2012

By Culture24 Reporter | 19 June 2012
  • Archived article

Gone but unlikely to be forgotten, Culture24’s Museums at Night 2012 gave rise to some real one-offs.

In a video with a distinctly neon opening (thanks to the lime green jelly Bompas & Parr covered the base of the SS Great Britain with), the Arts Council has recollected some of the highlights from May in a video capturing glimpses of the fun enjoyed across the country.

Focusing on Connect10, the competition to link artists with galleries and museums for the first time, the film begins in Bristol and ends in Eastbourne with interviews from the artist known as Bob & Roberta Smith, the team who accommodated his painted vegetables, band and nightclub at the Towner, and Culture24 director Jane Finnis.

But perhaps the most telling tale is the one Bompas & Parr themselves have, of excitable children and visitors inspired to make their first visit to their local heritage attraction in decades.

With a record 537 events held in more than 200 cities, towns and villages, next year should be even better.
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