Museums at Night 2012: Your guide to this year's military history events

| 04 May 2012
a photo of a boy in a jet cockpit
The cockpits will be open for Museums at Night at RAF Museum Cosford© RAF Museum Cosford

Museums at Night 2012 is packed with military history themed events - here's a selection. Just click on the highlighted links to find out more...

Museums at Night is always a treat for military history buffs, and this year the stalwart in Weston-Super-Mare is marking the occasion with one of its trademark spectaculars.

Their live open air re-enactment commemorates 30 years since the Falklands War and includes 30 flight simulators, mock-battles, vehicle displays and campfire talks.

Exhibits will also be coming to life at the National Army Museum in London during a packed two-nighter that includes with storytelling, treasure hunts and handling sessions and another night focussing on with experts on hand to help you trace your military ancestors.  

At there’s the rare chance to actually sit inside the exhibits as some of the cockpits are opened for inspection and at the massive Cold War underground bunker complex is the setting for a paranormal investigation. 

The recently restored , in Lincolnshire, is celebrating the men and women who served on the many local airfields with an evening of displays, storytelling and 1940s uniform fashion.

North Lincolnshire Museum
has a World War Two air raid shelter you can crouch in during their spooktacular evening. Nearby, the former World War II bomber base , a base for the Wellingtons, Lancasters and Halifaxes of RAF Bomber Command, is opening up for a rare tour. 

A similar adventure is in store at , which is offering a unique chance to soak up the atmosphere of a wartime control tower with aircraft lit at dusk, flickering hurricane lamps and re-enactors and museum guides to show visitors around.

And there are more World War II-themed activities at , where the medieval undercroft will be echoing to the sound of homefront storytelling and air raid sirens.

At the , the life and art of artist and soldier Tom Chadwick, who died at the Battle of Alamein in 1942, is commemorated with a talk by author Julian Francis.

Finally, you can really step back into the mists of military time at , Wrexham, where a garrison of Medieval soldiers await to teach you the ways of soldiering past (dungeon tours included), or head to , where the 1781 Jersey Militia will be commemorating the Battle of Jersey.

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