Tullie House gives Lady Gaga a run for her lyrical money with poetic Museums at Night gig

By Culture24 Staff | 12 May 2011
A photo of a larege inscribed stone inside a gallery
The Cursing Stone at Tullie House provides a fitting backdrop for an evening of myth and folklore.© tulliehouse.co.uk
Museums at Night 2011: Poetry in the Museum, Tullie House, Carlisle, May 14 2011

On a weekend culminating with a performance by Lady Gaga on Carlisle Airfield, the Cumbria city’s hugely popular museum hosts a lyrical evening any chart-topper would envy.

Chris Pilling and Peter Rafferty, two acclaimed local bards infatuated with the myths and folklore pervading the spectacular scenery surrounding their homelands, are taking it in turns to muse from the microphone for Museums at Night.

Pilling, a prolific award winner adept at translating European verse, kicks off proceedings, before Rafferty introduces Eoliths and Laforgue, based on his witty and elegant book, Eoliths.

Multi-instrumentalist and Americana folk muso Danny Harte joins them, and guests can slalom through new exhibition Ergonomics: Real Design in the art gallery. The classy Garden Restaurant will also be open late.

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