Museums at Night: Churchill War Rooms lead the way with spectacular 1940s evening

By Richard Hook | 10 May 2011
a photo of a wax figure of Winston Churchill using the phone in a dull lit cubby hole of the Cabinet War Rooms
Winston Churchill will bewelcoming visitors to the Churchill War Rooms for Museums at Night 2011© Richard Moss
The Imperial War Museum is offering visitors a unique opportunity to spend the evening in the Churchill War Rooms on Friday May 13.

The secret headquarters of Britain’s wartime Prime Minister will host an array of Forties-themed activities during extended opening hours of 6-10pm, as part of the Museums at Night weekend.

Museums at Night allows people to experience iconic venues in a whole new light, and the Churchill War Rooms will be no different, with the chance for guests to try fabulous 1940s fashion in the vintage boudoir or sample a glass of Pol Roger, Churchill’s favourite champagne.

Director of the War Rooms, Phil Reed, said: “We’re thrilled to be part of Museums at Night again. The Forties are increasingly fashionable, and with this late-night opening we are hoping to attract visitors looking for a different experience and who will become life-long fans.”

The underground bunker in Whitehall became the central shelter for government and military strategists during World War II.

It has been preserved as it was left in 1945, allowing night-time visitors to tour the same Map Room and Cabinet Room used by Churchill’s Government.
The War Rooms also contain the Churchill Museum, which has a 15-metre interactive display of Churchill’s life story and the door to No.10 Downing Street, where visitors can have their photo taken while dressed in period clothes.

  • Churchill War Rooms is open 6pm-10pm on May 13 as part of Museums at Night, the UK’s annual after-hours celebration of arts and culture.
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