Museums at Night 2011 - Go on Military Manouevres

| 27 April 2011
a photo of a young boy and a soldier pointing at something from beneath a camouflage net display
© Trustees of the Royal Marines
“Tonight you will be operating under the cover of darkness, Royal Marines style,” announces the in Hampshire. Besides the physical challenge on offer, the venue will also give curatorial insights for adults. It is just one of many places exploring military treasures as part of Museums at Night.

imagines night-time manoeuvres in Operation Blackout and invites you to discover the world of the Air Raid Wardens of World War Two.

will be opening up the most famous bunker in Britain for a night of informal tours, 1940s music and the chance to raise a glass of Churchill’s favourite champagne.

a photo of a man and girl looking at a red locker marked Danger Explosives
© Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower
Over at in London they will be bringing to light the house’s fascinating history during World War Two with tales of firemen, incendiary bombs, collections stored in suitcases, burning oil barrels and many a deserved cup of tea.

returns with an evening to explore a magnificent location and collection featuring everything from a laser mini battle system and Command Bunker with video to Hitler's Desk and five Victoria Crosses.

Another great location opens its doors near Eastbourne when the offers torchlight tours of the museum and in Somerset, Vietnam-themed evenings set flight simulators alongside a dance floor throbbing to the music of the 1960 and 1970s. At Cosford, the allows access to several jets during an Open Cockpits night while the in Kent dedicates an evening to its most dramatic objects and stories.

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