Museums at Night

Museums at Night: Culture24's festival of inspiring after hours cultural events at museums, galleries and heritage sites. Thursday May 15 - Saturday May 17 2014.

A photo of a robotic dinosaur outside a museum

Huge meteorites and baby T-Rexes: Armagh Planetarium shoots for the stars

The Northern Irish venue's first event for Museums at Night features a cinema, balloons and a robotic dinosaur made out of foam. We find out more.

A photo of a museum of gas

Only surviving town gasworks in England and Wales to open for Museums at Night

The Gas Museum in the Norfolk town of Fakenham will light a lamp for the public this May. Chairman Mike Bridges tells us about pubs, cookers and the holes in every field.

Colour photo of Amy Sharrocks by a poolside

Lifesaver: Amy Sharrocks talks about her coastal mass stumble for Museums at Night

As she prepares for Museums at Night 2014, Amy Sharrocks talks about her plans for a live art event in Swansea and being "super alive" to the spontaneity of the moment.

A photo of various types of toilet in a museum display

Crapper to Modern Toss: Toilets by Twilight charts cistern history for Museums at Night

Pink toilet rolls, the Thomas Crapper seat, Carry on at your Convenience and "books about poo" all feature in a hot flush of a Museums at Night event in the Potteries.

A photo of a civic concrete building with two flags flying above it under a blue sky

UK Supreme Court "can't wait" to let public see inside for Museums at Night

The highest court in the land will lay on jazz, law-themed cocktails and more as part of a special Twilight Hours opening for Museums at Night 2014 this May.

A photo of a museum by a quay at night

BBC launches new ARTS At strand of programming during Museums at Night 2014

Millions of people will be able to take part in this year's after-hours festival, with an hour-long live programme on BBC Two and chances for the public to be a part of major artworks.

A photo of two male musicians in suits standing inside a military plane

Public Service Broadcasting to play exclusive RAF Museum gigs for Museums at Night 2014

The electro-rock duo will play three consecutive nights at London's RAF Museum, coinciding with the Museums at Night festival this May.

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