Museums at Night

Museums at Night: Culture24's festival of inspiring after hours cultural events at museums, galleries and heritage sites. Wednesday May 13 – Saturday May 16 2015.

A photo of a woman balancing on a rope from a wall

Trapeze artists, Withered Hand, robotic limbs and a disco: Museums at Night in Edinburgh

A trapeze artist performing above Will Gompertz's head to the sound of Withered Hand live satisfied a bucket list or two in the flagship event of this year's festival.

Mr Smith paints the town indian ink blue at William Morris Gallery for Museums at Night

London artist Kelvyn Smith took eager volunteers through the printmaking process at a hugely popular and hands on evening in Walthamstow.

A photo of the outside of a theatre

Museums Norfolk to unite community and venues with new Museums at Night funding

Organisers say a two-year expansion of Museums at Night in North Norfolk will inspire residents at 21 venues across the region.

Kelham Island goes back to Edwardian era for evocative Museums at Night in Sheffield

In a Kelham Island Museum special, soldiers of the Sheffield City Battalion explained, among other things, why steel workers once drank 32 pints of beer during a shift.

Alex Hartley inspires county for Museums at Night with Great Warwickshire Show and Tell

Dozens of stallholders united as part of Market Hall Museum's uplifting masterplan in Warwick - dancing binmen, rock-revering geologists and hedgehog lovers among them.

A photo of a museum at night

Dancing and giant lace as Cecil Sharp House counts Yan Tan Tethera for Museums at Night

Based on the dialect of northern shepherds, Cecil Sharp House turned its visitors into a "mass sewing bee" for Museums at Night, says Jenni Davidson.

A photo of a man being dressed up in a black top hat and suit

Bethlem Museum of the Mind takes Museums at Night 20 behind the scenes

Inviting an audience of 20 visitors to recreate photos made by patient Henry Hering at the hospital site during the 1950s, this small museum created a unique atmosphere.

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