Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote - Women's Library

By 24 Hour Museum Staff
image shows a model of a womans body, with words such as harlot and hooker printed onto it

Prostitution: What's Going On? is hard hitting and provocative. © Rachel Hayward/24 Hour Museum

The voting for the 2007 Readers' Poll for the Gulbenkian Prize is now closed

Not only have we had an amazing response to our Gulbenkian Prize People's Vote, but we've received literally hundreds of fantastic comments, showing just how much museums and galleries mean to local people. Here's a selection showing what our readers feel about The Women's Library in London.

“In the year that commemorates the abolition of slavery, it is shocking to realise the extent of trafficking and exploitation that is still operating in the 21st century and how, to a certain extent, some of the softer practices are becoming acceptable. To make people of all ages more aware, through the exhibition and associated education programme, can only be a huge positive.” Susan

“I think the Women's Library should win the prize. They do a stirling job in raising awareness on modern feminism and the plight of women without a voice. Especially in the Anniversary year of Josephine Butler who championed education for women and raised awareness of prostitution.” Kathryn

image shows a set up phone box in the woman's library with graffitti on the walls

The Women's Library exhibition features a range of multimedia work, creative writing projects and photographic commissions. © Rachel Hayward/24 Hour Museum

“I have taken students on my courses here and have been very impressed by the impact it has had on them. The exhibition has provoked more debate than any other topic and the students had clearly been inspired to think deeply about the questions raised by the exhibition. I particularly like the way viewers are drawn into dialogue almost without noticing. Even after half a dozen visits, I find more material for thought and debate. A moving, thought-provoking and intelligent exhibition.” Amanda

“I always leave their exhibitions feeling I really have just experienced something important, I think about what I have seen/learnt and discuss it with many of my friends and family – this is what exhibitions are meant to do.” Hannah

“The Women's Library performs a wonderful job for women throughout the world regarding the work it does on contraversial issues involving women in various roles in society.” Glenis

image shows a tee shirt with Football Yes, Prostitution No printed upon it.

The exhibition Prostitution: What's Going On? aims to stimulate debate. © Rachel Hayward/24 Hour Museum

“The women’s library is an amazing resource and often overlooked, this prize would go a long way to recognising the important work they do for oppressed members of society.” Jo

“This is a fantastic resource which has tackled all kinds of subjects. The current exhibition on prostitution has sparked discussion across the women’s sector and has demonstrated the Library’s commitment to addressing issues facing women today. They also run many and varied events which have been great fun!” Nicola

“An outstanding collection of material on women's issues and recording women's voices, brought together under difficult circumstances. The exhibition reflects the attitudes to and the privations faced by those 'working' as prostitutes, which are frequently hidden or unacknowledged by society.” Felicity

“Prostitution and issues surrounding it have been kept away from the public eye. This is a brave, thoughtful and thought-provoking exhibition. But more than that it is an important and essential one.” Magi

“Brilliant, really provocative, watched a bunch of school children looking around and having incredible, lively debate about the issues.” Madeleine

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