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A photo of archaeologists digging into the brown ground at William Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre in London

In search of a Shakespeare stage: Archaeologists launch new phase of digging at Shoreditch's Curtain theatre

Archaeologists have broken ground at the Shoreditch site where they say Henry V might have been performed for the first time, in 1598.

Metamorphosis: Experts say 21st century is seventh age of William Shakespeare's works

Four hundred years after William Shakespeare's baptism, a new exhibition suggests digitising his work only creates the latest stage in its metamorphosis.

A photo of a limestone head as part of the British Museum's Sicily exhibition

Sicily: British Museum's Culture and Conquest exhibition paints colourful portrait of 4,000 years on an island

The history of Sicily's conquerors reads as a roll call of the great ancient civilisations in a fascinating - if somewhat sanitised - new exhibition, says Rachel Teskey.

A photo showing an engraving of William Shakespeare on a 20 pound Bank of England note

A man of note: The artwork behind William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet's £20 note

A new Bank of England Museum exhibition revisits the beautiful artwork of the £20 series D note issued in 1970 - and remembers designer Harry Eccleston six years after his death.

A photo of an advert from the first world war

Remembering 1916: Ten amazing objects from Life on the Western Front

The battles of Verdun, Jutland and the Somme left a mass of untold stories and uncelebrated individuals behind. These ten objects help tell some of those tales.

a photo of rows of miniature pots laid out in rows on a table

Ceramic Art London 2016: Four potters to check out at this year's fair

As Ceramic Art London prepares to introduce the public to over 80 talents in contemporary studio ceramics we take look at four studio potters exhibiting for the first time this year.

a pencil portrait of a woman's face

Dulwich Picture Gallery to help "forgotten genius" Winifred Knights emerge from the shadows

The forgotten genius that is Winifred Knights will be the focus of the next ground breaking exhibition devoted to a critically neglected Modern British artist at Dulwich Picture Gallery.

A photo of ancient brands and packaging from the museum in London's Notting Hill

Industrial Revolution and the Great War to the Beatles and One Direction: Inside the Museum of Brands

Robert Opie, of the Museum of Brands and Packaging, takes Culture24 on a tour of the collection as it opens at its new home in Notting Hill.

A photo of an ancient brown piece of archaeological stone from the museum of london

Archaeologists say 4th century pottery piece is rare symbol of Christianity in Roman Britain

A 4th century piece of Christian symbolism from Roman London has gone on public display for the first time since its 1970 discovery.

A photo of ancient brands and packaging from the museum in London's Notting Hill

An extraordinary world: The story of London's newly rehomed Museum of Brands and Packaging

Starting out with an exhibition at the V&A in 1975, Robert Opie has put together a collection of thousands of everyday objects. He tells Culture24 the story in its new home in Notting Hill.

An image of the painting Venus, Mars and Cupid by Peter Paul Rubens at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Beneath the surface: X-rays on Rubens paintings to show public how artist changed key works including Venus, Mars and Cupid

A life-size X-ray, set on a lightbox and installed at the end of the upcoming Rubens' Ghost exhibition, will feature in a revealing look at the artist's tinkerings.

An old photo of London's Buckingham Palace

Historic London: 15 pictures showing how the streets of London looked over the last century

From Buckingham Palace and Covent Garden to Fleet Street and Cheapside, see how London used to look through the subtle features at some of the capital's landmarks.

A photo of a wooden bowls jack from the 16th century found by Crossrail and mentioned by Shakespeare's Cloten

Object of the Week: A 16th century bowling ball used to judge a man's character

This wooden ball, found by archaeologists working in East London, could have been used in bowls or skittles - and was first referred to by William Shakespeare's Cloten.

a close up inside the intersection of the wing and fuselage of a Spitfire

RAF Museum invites you to take a closer look as they dismantle their Battle of Britain aircraft

The Spitfire, Hurricane and Messerschmidt Me 109 are among the historic aircraft being stripped and inspected at the RAF Museum who are inviting the public to film and take photographs.

a film still of a  hand holding a meted weathered smart phone

Dead Power Stations: Fukushima and Battersea get the Jerwood/FVU Film Award treatment

Inspired by the exhibition theme ‘Borrowed Time’ two artists explore the legacy of Fukushima and Battersea power stations for the Jerwood/FVY Film Awards - opening in London on March 9.

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