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A photo of a woman sitting inside a box in a darkened room

Filth and porcupines: The Wellcome Collection's Institute of Sexology

Marie Stopes' Married Love - a book which caused controversy almost a century ago - and Sigmund Freud's views on homosexuality are among the stand-outs at the Wellcome's major new display.

a painting showing shrouded figures leaving a theatre at night

Estorick Collection launches appeal to restore Carlo Carrà Futurist painting Leaving the Theatre

It's been a mainstay of Futurist exhibitions across the globe, but now Carlo Carrà’s 1910 classic, Leaving the Theatre is in need of restoration. The Estorick is launching a modest appeal.

A black and white photo of a soldier's helmet on a floor with a crack in it

Conflict, Time, Photography: Tate Modern's powerful portrayal of the lasting effects of war

Working from the time passed since each war portrayed, Tate Modern's huge new exhibition takes Kurt Vonnegut's SlaughterHouse-Five as an initial influence.

a black and white photo of a man, woman and young boy in swimming costumes

Meet the finalists in the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2015

Social documentary, portraiture and contemporary art photography feature in a typically eclectic shortlist for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2015.

a pair of blue high heeled shoes with parakeet feathers

V&A to deliver the low-down on shoe addiction in summer 2015 show Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

From sandals and high heels to wedges and boots, the transformative power of extreme footwear will be explored in the V&A’s summer 2015 fashion exhibition, Shoes: Pleasure and Pain.

Visitors glimpse Thames from 42 metres high as £1 million Tower Bridge glass floor opens to public

Six 530-kilogram panels, created during the six-week culmination of a two-year project, are giving visitors spectacular new views from Tower Bridge. Here are some pictures.

a photo of a woman wearing a pink dress next to pink flowers

Audrey Hepburn got big break here, says National Portrait Gallery ahead of new exhibition

A summer 2015 exhibition of both classic and rarely=seen photographs will remind visitors of Audrey Hepburn's roots at the National Portrait Gallery.

a triplane at the RAF Museum

RAF Museum hits all the right notes with new First World War in the Air gallery

Balancing incredible aircraft such as the Sopwith Camel and the Fokker with the tales of those who flew and worked on them is no easy task. But the RAF Museum's subtle storytelling succeeds, as......

A photo of a Formula 1 car

"Risk is in their DNA": Artist recreates V8 engine with Renault Formula 1 team and Pink Floyd drummer

Angela Palmer has worked with Renault's Formula 1 racing team and Pink Floyd's only constant member as part of a new exhibition reimagining the man-made objects of the sport.

A photo of a man in a suit pointing at a framed artwork inside a gallery space

In Pictures: Prince of Wales makes drawing school first Royal institution since 1956

Artistic Director Catherine Goodman said she was "very proud" as Prince Charles opened the newly-titled Royal Drawing School in London.

a painting of a couple fleeing with a small child across a town as a large black cat stalks across the rooftops

Ben Uri acquires rare Josef Herman painting lost for more than 60 years

Ben Uri has acquired Refugees, a rare and important early painting by Jewish émigré artist Josef Herman (1911–2000) which had been considered lost for more than 60 years.

A photo of a woman drawing a diagram of a large rhino skull inside a modern museum

Grant Museum launches public appeal to save the rarest skeleton in the world

Endangered gorillas, Siamese crocodiles, Javan rhinos, baby orang-utans and Ganges river dolphin skeletons are among the much-loved specimens the London museum is hoping to preserve for visitors and......

Colour photo of an artist beside a surreal painting of a man made from mugs

Fur crazy: Jasmine Surreal talks cats, comedy and conceptual art at her London show

The Stuckist painter and self-proclaimed surrealist introduces us to her alter egos and their witty, colourful paintings, in an interview with Mark Sheerin.

A photo of various monsters and strange objects in a museum

Gold hippos, eight-legged lambs and 70-foot sharks: Inside London's cabinets of curiosity

Described as "visiting the Natural History Museum on drugs", the Hanbury Collection features a computer used by the CIA. Hackney, meanwhile, welcomes Viktor Wynd's horrors.

a photo of a reconstructed skeleton of a dinosaur

Natural History Museum acquires world's most complete Stegosaurus fossil skeleton

The Natural History Museum in London is to add an almost complete specimen of a Stegosaurus to its impressive dinosaur displays.

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