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print in sepia tone showing figures and cattle in shallow lake in front of monument

The Lure of the East: The best exhibitions to see in the East of England in 2016

Find out what the East of England has to offer with our constantly updated guide to the best exhibitions to see throughout the region in 2016.

A photo of a skeletal head of a man with lots of teeth missing

Archaeologists find well-preserved 14th century human skeleton on site of medieval Augustinian friary

Archaeologists say they have discovered an "incredibly exciting" set of artefacts at a £70 million housing development, including pottery, coins, oyster shells and painted glass.

A photo of various dark red archaeological sherds

Iron Age pottery, Victorian tin toys and butchered bone: Six archaeological finds in eastern England this year

Take a look at six discoveries made by Access Cambridge Archaeology during excavations in Hampshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk so far in 2015.

A photo of a large green, bronze and silver dagger made during the Bronze Age

Museum buys ritually destroyed Bronze Age weapon which was used as doorstop for years

An impractically large Bronze Age weapon, known as the Rudham Dirk and used as a doorstop after being discovered in a Norfolk field, has been secured for £41,000.

a photo of a large worked flint hand axe

Curator's Choice: The Happisburgh Hand Axe - the oldest hand axe in north-west Europe

Colly Mudie, Head of Norwich Museums Learning Team, explains the significance and allure of the pre-Neanderthal Happisburgh hand axe.

A photo of an archaeologist in a high-visibility jacket digging a pit within a garden

Archaeologists reveal Roman Norfolk with in-demand garden digs in Caistor St Edmund

Homeowners in a village near Norwich have invited archaeologists into their gardens in pursuit of Roman artefacts. Andrew Ray, of the digging team, reveals more.

A photo of a museum of gas

Only surviving town gasworks in England and Wales to open for Museums at Night

The Gas Museum in the Norfolk town of Fakenham will light a lamp for the public this May. Chairman Mike Bridges tells us about pubs, cookers and the holes in every field.

Commemorative art exhibition Monument translates well to both sides of Channel

100 years from the outbreak of World War I and 70 since the Normandy Landings, four galleries in Norwich, Calais and Caen join forces to mark the occasion.

A black and white photo of an owl carrying a mouse

Picture Gallery: Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery announces The Wonder of Birds

From predators to shamanism and Hans Holbein to canaries, a six-section show in Norwich will feature hundreds of representations of birds through the centuries.

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