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A photo of two small dissections of brain

Brain fields, cocaine cravings and OCD: Public to be given inside story of scientists' latest experiments

Scientists working with art say that the magnetic fields in our brains change when we lie to our bosses, listen to crying babies or watch visual illusions.

a black and white photo of a man and a woman in a garden

Wrest Park reveals a First World War love story that lasted a lifetime

Daniel and Evelyn MacLean's love story will star in a temporary exhibition at the English Heritage property in Bedford from May 2015.

Huge T-rex moved outside museum after sculptor's A1 lorry trip

A model dinosaur sculpture used in a primordial-themed college ball has been moved to the oldesst geological museum - Cambridge's Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

A photo of a person in a dark red space suit and helmet standing within a white circle

Science festival announces stratospheric climate change solutions and survey of British sexual behaviour

More boys were born before the wars and a volcanic emulation in the stratosphere could reduce CO2 emissions, according to experts at this year's University of Cambridge Science Festival.

a black and white aerial photo of an airfield

Aerial photos of WWII airfields join new crowdsourcing American Air Museum website

Unseen personal snapshots and aerial photographs extend the Imperial War Museum's cowdsourcing digital resource exploring the USAAF in Britain during WWII.

a photo of two sculptures

Only surviving pair of Michelangelo bronzes found in Cambridge with help of 500-year-old student sketch

A pair of "exceptionally powerful" metre-high male nudes, riding on panthers and lost for more than a century, are likely to have been made by Michelangelo at the start of the 16th century.

A photo of an air raid shelter with a wall made up of lines of sacked cement at dusk

Inscription could have been last act at airfield by doomed World War II pilot, say archaeologists

An inscription on an air raid shelter at an airfield which played an important role in the Battle of Britain could have been the last act of a serving pilot, says a county archaeologist.

A photo of a horse skeleton lying in a brown mud pit

Archaeologists find 18th century racehorse with shattered pelvis and skull at Charles II house

Veterinary scientists have used teeth and bone evidence to examine a horse found at a racing site built by Charles II in Newmarket.

a black and white photo of a Junkers 88 in flight

Remains of German WWII Junkers Ju 88 bomber recovered from Thames Estuary

The remnants of a German Junkers Ju 88 bomber shot down by a Norwegian Spitfire ace have been recovered from the Thames Estuary by Wessex Archaeology.

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