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A photo of an air raid shelter with a wall made up of lines of sacked cement at dusk

Inscription could have been last act at airfield by doomed World War II pilot, say archaeologists

An inscription on an air raid shelter at an airfield which played an important role in the Battle of Britain could have been the last act of a serving pilot, says a county archaeologist.

A photo of a horse skeleton lying in a brown mud pit

Archaeologists find 18th century racehorse with shattered pelvis and skull at Charles II house

Veterinary scientists have used teeth and bone evidence to examine a horse found at a racing site built by Charles II in Newmarket.

a black and white photo of a Junkers 88 in flight

Remains of German WWII Junkers Ju 88 bomber recovered from Thames Estuary

The remnants of a German Junkers Ju 88 bomber shot down by a Norwegian Spitfire ace have been recovered from the Thames Estuary by Wessex Archaeology.

A photo of a shard of white military pottery

Archaeologists reveal finds from first survey of Britain's largest First World War airfield

Working in inclement conditions at the aerodrome which was Britain's largest World War I airfield, archaeologists have found anti-bomb glass, copper, nails, pottery and more.

A black and white etching of a Georgian woman lounging on a sofa wearing a dress

Work of little-known female printmakers of Georgian England revealed 200 years after leading engraver's death

Curators say the letters of Caroline Watson, the finest female printmaker of Georgian England, read "like a Jane Austen novel" in an exhibition at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum.

A black and white photo of a series of huge elephant skeletons inside a zoology museum

Bones used in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey to go on show at cinema

After hearing rumours that an Asian elephant had celebrity status, curators at the Museum of Zoology discovered it was part of the 1968 film. Now the bones are going on show.

A photo of a large green, bronze and silver dagger made during the Bronze Age

Museum buys ritually destroyed Bronze Age weapon which was used as doorstop for years

An impractically large Bronze Age weapon, known as the Rudham Dirk and used as a doorstop after being discovered in a Norfolk field, has been secured for £41,000.

A photo of two skeletons in an archaeological grave

Double burial and warrior body discovered as archaeologists find 21 Saxon skeletons in Suffolk village

A double burial and a “warrior burial” with a large spearhead and dagger are among 21 skeletons found at a housing development site in Suffolk.

A photo of an elaborate silver swiss army knife

Beautiful Roman "Swiss army knife" is star archaeological attraction at Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum

With a spoon, knife, fork, toothpick and spike among its arsenal, the Fitzwilliam's six-pronged implement is its most popular online exhibit. Find out more.

A photo of the skeleton of a whale hanging in a kind of carpark enclosure

Museum of Zoology calls on public to sing like finback and provide voices for new Whale Hall

Ahead of the return of a famous finback, sound artist Chris Watson and voice teacher Rowena Whitehead will lead the first of dozens of singing workshops in Cambridge this weekend.

a photo of a group of buildings seen across a field

Agreement to "maximise potential" of Britain's most intact First World War aerodrome Stow Maries

The first Listed Building Heritage Partnership Agreement in England has been signed by the Trustees of Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome Near Maldon in Essex.

a photo of an elderly man leaning on the fuselage of a Mustang aeroplane

World War Two fighter pilot revisits his P-51 Mustang fighter at IWM Duxford

A former fighter pilot who fought with the USAAF out of Duxford during World War Two has unveiled the world's oldest preserved P-51 Mustang at IWM Duxford.

A photo of a small light brown mannequin inside a museum display case

Radiographers carry out CT scans on body parts of 19th century museum mannequins

Radiologists at Addrenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge, have worked with the Fitzwilliam Museum on mannequins including Child no.98 - a Parisian stuffed lay figure.

a photo of two engine pulling a train on a small gauge railway

Spock-like spectre haunts Norfolk railway steam engine

A ghostly apparition resembling Star Trek's Mr Spock has been discovered in the port hole of a locomotive of the Wells Walsingham Light Railway.

a sketch of a couple having sex

Dirty doodles and copulating couples: Cambridge University's use and abuse of books 1450-1550

A sordid pencil sketch of an amorous couple, found at the bottom of the page of a gentleman's guide from more than 500 years ago, is revealed in a new exhibition.

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