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A photo of an ancient archaeological jug

Bone fragments and burial goods of "wealthy and cosmopolitan" Roman found in North Hertfordshire village

A complete Roman jug, bone fragments in a large hexagonal bottle, a worn 2nd century bronze coin and an iron lamp are among the finds made by a metal detectorist in the village of Kelshall.

A photo of people digging a large brown archaeological trench under a blue sky

Archaeologists find coins, bow brooches and bones among Iron Age and Roman discoveries in Peterborough

David Crawford-White, of Oxford Archaeology East, on the Lottery-funded search for artefacts which has inspired hundreds of people on a dig partly fuelled by cake.

A photo of a large number of archaeological bones accompanied by various labels

Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex

Prehistoric Britons had the required understanding of fire and pyre technology to combust corpses at more than 600 degrees centigrade, say archaeologists at a pit in Langford.

"Poor scholars and wretched persons": Thousands of medieval skeletal remains revealed from Cambridge burial ground

Archaeologists in Cambridge have released images of hundreds of well-preserved medieval skeletons, found beneath a St John's College site which was a hospital burial ground.

The real election slogans: Artists create "alternative people's manifesto" on billboards

In a "microcosm of the British electorate", artists and community groups have worked with advertisers to create billboards in Bedford which will be debated by local politicians.

A photo of various stones and artefacts from an archaeological dig

Ancient face cream tub, medieval belt and animal bones found by archaeologists near Norfolk lake

Archaeologists carrying out a community dig in the market town of Diss have seen around 1,000 people visit their two-day excavation.

A photo of two small dissections of brain

Brain fields, cocaine cravings and OCD: Public to be given inside story of scientists' latest experiments

Scientists working with art say that the magnetic fields in our brains change when we lie to our bosses, listen to crying babies or watch visual illusions.

a black and white photo of a man and a woman in a garden

Wrest Park reveals a First World War love story that lasted a lifetime

Daniel and Evelyn MacLean's love story will star in a temporary exhibition at the English Heritage property in Bedford from May 2015.

Huge T-rex moved outside museum after sculptor's A1 lorry trip

A model dinosaur sculpture used in a primordial-themed college ball has been moved to the oldesst geological museum - Cambridge's Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

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