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A photo of an archaeologist in a high-visibility jacket digging a pit within a garden

Archaeologists reveal Roman Norfolk with in-demand garden digs in Caistor St Edmund

Homeowners in a village near Norwich have invited archaeologists into their gardens in pursuit of Roman artefacts. Andrew Ray, of the digging team, reveals more.

a photo of a crowd of people throwing their hats in the air

Wardown Park Museum Makers smash Guinness World Record for Straw Boater Wearing

Wardown Park Museum in Luton is now the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for the Largest Gathering of People Wearing Boater Hats. Read on to find out why.

a photo of two Lancaster Bombers in formation

Lancaster bombers head to IWM Duxford for reunion with Flying Fortress

The Canadian and Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Avro Lancaster bombers will be at The Duxford Air Show with a B-17 Flying Fortress on Sunday September 14.

a photo of someone dressed in a furry costume with spikes and a white face

Oh help, oh no it's a... Hoobee, the Imaginary Animal Competition winner at NHM Tring

The fantastic winning creature designed by a nine-year-old for the Natural History Museum in Tring's Imaginary Animal Competition is about to be let loose.

a photo of a group of smiling people wearing hats

Luton Wardown Park Museum attempts Guinness World Record for wearing straw boaters

Not content with introducing Pharrell Williams to the joys of a straw boater, Wardown Park Museum is celebrating Luton's hat making tradition by attempting a Guinness World Record for mass straw......

A photo of a pair of blue gloves holding out a small metal item from an archaeological dig

Archaeologists reveal Mary Rose-style shipwreck finds from The London on Southend Pier

Archaeologists have been involving the public in the excavation of The London - a ship made for the Anglo-Dutch war of the mid-17th century, lying in two parts off Southend Pier.

A photo of a circular dark green ancient medal

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Katie Marsden on medieval finds and a World War I medal

More than 12,000 records have been created since the Portable Antiquities Scheme began in Essex in 2003. The county’s Finds Liaison Officer tells Culture24 about two.

A photo of a series of cracked grey and brown ancient vessels

Festival of Archaeology: Julian Watters on pickaxes, brooches, dogs and Roman cups

The Finds Liaison Officer for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire picks four of his favourite discoveries, including a 1st century vessel and a figurine in the form of a seated dog.

A photo of a brown human bone with teeth protruding from it

Hacked Roman legs and jawbones come from brutal Boudiccan battles, say archaeologists

Phil Crummy, of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, gives Culture24 the latest on a set of sliced-off 2,000-year-old bones found at a department store excavation.

A picture of a laptop with a man's face on it balanced on grassland next to a camera

Artists to create works live from Constable's Romantic landscapes in Field Broadcast

Screened to the public through a downloadable app, eight artists are about to begin seven days of live digital broadcasts from the landscapes which once inspired Constable.

A photo of a circle of black stones on a beach

Archaeologists ring date ritual Bronze Age stone circle to same year as Seahenge

An eroded second stone circle, found on Holme Beach, where the original Seahenge was excavated 15 years ago, has been tree ring dated to 2049 BC - the same year as its sister site.

A photo of the outside of a theatre

Museums Norfolk to unite community and venues with new Museums at Night funding

Organisers say a two-year expansion of Museums at Night in North Norfolk will inspire residents at 21 venues across the region.

A photo of a buddhist sculpture

Buddha exhibition shows incredible journeys at Cambridge Museum of Archaeology

A new exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge, Buddha's Word, unites expertise in history, art, history, anthropology and linguistics.

a photograph of an Army Chaplain Officer in uniform

IWM Duxford tells the moving story of the Padre who landed on D-Day

He landed in Normandy on June 6 1944. By June 9 he had buried the bodies of many of his comrades including that of the poet Keith Douglas. Discover the moving story of Captain Leslie Skinner at IWM......

a drawing of men in a trench looking up as soldier stands above ground and sings

La Grande Guerre: French prints of the First World War at the Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam is showing a series of 36 colour lithographs and woodcuts from the French print series La Grande Guerre.

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