Renaissance East Midlands: Dress Codes Short Films

| 20 November 2006
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All East Midlands Museums have the opportunity to order a FREE copy of a Dress Codes Film!

Dress Codes was a region-wide project (2004-2006) working with teenagers to explore how heritage is reflected in today’s popular culture. DeMontfort University Design Management and Film and Photography students documented the project alongside other outreach activity in the East Midlands Museums.

18 short films have been made for festivals, for community groups and as an advocacy tool when approaching other organisations.

Please take this opportunity to browse through the films and if you would like a free DVD copy please place your order with James Hickford, Renaissance East Midlands on 0116 252 7318 or email

Copies will be available until February 28 2007.


Films for communities - five minute films

Dress Codes #1 Community Projects - This is an advocacy film featuring work with community groups in Leicester, Leicestershire, Derbyshire. The short film was produced by DMU / Kirkham, Curry, Royal, C.Patel, K.Patel & K.Patel

Dress Codes #2 Community 2. This is an advocacy film featuring museums, working with teenagers, community integration and work with community artists. Shows work by Leicester Museums Service, Crich Tramway Village and Ibstock Girls/Leicestershire Heritage Services.

Film produced by: DMU / Motion Design Consultancy

Dress Codes #3 Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. Dresscodes: Northampton Museum & Art Gallery is a short film exploring Northampton Museum & Art Gallery, it's history, workshops, activities and profile of the Designated shoe collection.

Film produced by: DMU / Rabadia, LeGrys, Heath, Hall, Munday, Compton and Poutjiouri

Dress Codes#4 Around the East Midlands - profile of Dresscodes project around East Midlands. A short film featuring work in Derby, Derbyshire, Leicester, Leicestershire, Nottingham, and Lincolnshire.

Film produced by: DMU / Smith, Cruise, Boyce, Francis, Branscombe, Vyse, Turvill and Brown.

Films for organisations - five minute films

Dress codes #5 What is Dress Codes? Film for organisations showing project work around the East Midlands. Featuring project background, encouraging hands-on learning, bringing communities together and making museums more accessible.

Produced by DMU / Woodman, Clayson, Overs, Branscombe, Vyse, Turvill and Brown.

Dress Codes #6 Building Links in the East Midlands. Film profiling how schools have been working with museums involved with the Dresscodes project and how funding has helped develop these links. Produced by DMU / Motion Design Consultancy

Dress Codes #7 Impact of funding through the Dress Codes project. Profiling of East Midlands museums work with schools and community groups involved with the Dress Codes project. Produced by DMU / Heritage productions.

Dress Codes #8 Funding. Introducing museums to schools. Film profiling the Dress Codes project, work with young people and communities in the fields of fashion, photography and design. Including museums, schools and political viewpoints. Film produced by DMU / New Media

Festival TV - short 30-second films

Dress Codes #9 A Museum Snapshot - produced by DMU/ Kirkham, Curry, Royal, C.Patel & K. Patel.

Dress Codes #10 Bringing communities together - produced by DMU/Woodman, Clayson, Garnwell, Overs, Branscombe, Vyse, Turvill and Brown.

Dress codes #11 Unity and Fun - produced by DMU and Motion Design Consultancy.

Dress Codes 12# Back in Time - produced by DMU and Heritage Productions

Dress Codes #13 Think Again - produced by DMU/ Everett, MCCrea, Campbell, Spooner, Rothbard, Galdes, Murchie, Patel and Jandu.

Dress Codes #14 Learning You Can Apply to Life - produced by DMU/ Connon, Brammer, Montaut, Baldock, Minton, Brown & Hjaltun.

Dress Codes #15 Come Inside - a short film produced by DMU and Motion Design Consultancy

Dress Codes #16 Every Object Tells A Story - produced by DMU and Vision Squad Productions.

Dress Codes #17 The Spirit of Transformation - a Dress Codes short film produced by DMU and New Media

Dress Codes #18 Dress Codes Animated. A Dress Codes short film produced by DMU/ Smith, Cruise, Boyce, Francis, Branscombe, Vyse, Turvill and Brown.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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