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a photo of a skull

From car park to royal tomb: Ten stories from the discovery of Richard III

Marking Richard III's burial in Leicester Cathedral we look back at the top ten stories about the dramatic discovery of the last Plantaganet king of England.

A photo of a man speaking into a microphone

Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Richard III's second cousin as actor prepares to read at reinterment ceremony

Ahead of the cathedral ceremony, genealogists have produced a family tree which shows the Oscar nominee is the last Plantagenet king's Richard 16 times removed second cousin.

A photo of the reconstructed head of a king with blue eyes and blond hair

Head of Richard III reconstructed in four-hour operation based on DNA test results

Professor Caroline Wilkinson has reconstructed the head of Richard III, reflecting the blond hair and blue eyes of the king based on DNA evidence from his remains.

A photo of a man working on an archaeological site

University of Leicester releases timelapse video of second excavation at site where King Richard III was found

A behind-the-scenes, 11-minute video of the dig at the Grey Friars car park, created with a camera powered by a car battery, has been released by the University of Leicester.

A photo of people excavating a tomb from a pit

Archaeologists open coffin of elderly woman found near Richard III's grave in Leicester friary

The first intact medieval stone coffin in Leicester contained a crucifix and had a holy position close to high altar, say archaeologists who are speculating that the woman's name could have been......

A photo of a set of animal bones on a table

Archaeology or anthropology? Artist to show bones from animals' point of view in residency

Jo Dacombe says her residency at the University of Leicester's Bone Laboratory will examine hundreds of objects but avoid "fetishised" skulls.

A black and white photo of a male human skull

Royal bloodline questioned as scientists conclude 529-year "missing person" search for Richard III

Scientists examining Richard III's body say there are "one or more" breaks in the chain between Richard III and Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort who died in 1803.

A photo of people in armour suits standing in front of large flags within a market square

Richard III cortege journey route revealed as Leicester Cathedral prepares to bury body

The remains of Richard III will visit churches and landmarks from the King's final days on a journey next March, moving from the University of Leicester to the city's cathedral.

A photo of a steel sculpture with cut out silhouette bits revealing a cathedral and grass

Richard III sculpture architects on creating a steel artwork next to Leicester Cathedral

London-based Dallas Pierce Quintero on the silhouette-reflecting steel plates commissioned in honour of the life of Richard III.

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