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A black and white photo of a male human skull

Royal bloodline questioned as scientists conclude 529-year "missing person" search for Richard III

Scientists examining Richard III's body say there are "one or more" breaks in the chain between Richard III and Henry Somerset, the 5th Duke of Beaufort who died in 1803.

A photo of people in armour suits standing in front of large flags within a market square

Richard III cortege journey route revealed as Leicester Cathedral prepares to bury body

The remains of Richard III will visit churches and landmarks from the King's final days on a journey next March, moving from the University of Leicester to the city's cathedral.

A photo of a steel sculpture with cut out silhouette bits revealing a cathedral and grass

Richard III sculpture architects on creating a steel artwork next to Leicester Cathedral

London-based Dallas Pierce Quintero on the silhouette-reflecting steel plates commissioned in honour of the life of Richard III.

A photo of a laser print of a skeleton of a man against a black background

Experts see Richard III's battle injuries as infirmary remains help create new skeleton

Experts from Loughborough University say Richard III's "significant injuries" from the Battle of Bosworth were "quite clear to see" during a project based on the king's remains.

A photo of a design for a large square stone tomb with a cross-shaped cut in it

Leicester Cathedral reveals "distinctive" Richard III tomb "imbued with spirituality"

Carved from quarried north Yorkshire stone, a tomb cut with a deep cross will seal a coffin designed by a relative of the king.

A photo of a large dark brown Roman stone potted with circular holes

Looted stone of Roman mint reveals stories of prehistoric and medieval civilisations

The final stages of a major excavation at Blackfriars, a former industrial centre in Leicester, have sprung a few surprises, say archaeologists.

A photo of various test tubes marked with numbers in a laboratory

In Pictures: The archaeology and science which identified King Richard III in Leicester

Take a look at Richard III's skull and the archaeology and science which identified his remains ahead of the King's body being laid to rest in Leicester.

A photo of a human skull

Richard III to be buried in Leicester, High Court rules

The University of Leicester has been granted permission to reinter Richard III's body at the city's cathedral after a challenge from counter-claimants in York was dismissed.

A photo of a slab of red stone

Roman dog, goat and sheep imprints found by archaeologists in Leicester

Hoof and paw prints left on tiles are among the finds at Blackfriars in Leicester, where archaeologists believe a Roman mint and pit may have stood.

A photo of a female scientist looking into the camera

The DNA of a King: Dr Turi King on the genome sequencing of Richard III

As the project to understand Richard III's entire genetic makeup begins, Dr Turi King talks about the history, archaeology and science behind the tests.

A photo of a female scientists working in a laboratory while wearing a white coat

Richard III DNA tests to reveal hair, eyes and diseases of the King

"Hugely important" genome sequencing will reveal more about Richard III and have a "profound impact" on our understanding of disease and heredity, say scientists.

A photo of a recreated head of a medieval king against a red background

Uncertainty over reburial of Richard III as Leicester and York await judicial review

A year after DNA tests confirmed the body of Richard III had been found, Leicester Cathedral and the descendents of the King have launched campaigning websites.

A photo of a jam jar full of orange jam next to a small sculpture of a medieval king

Bread Angel creates Richard III food range to celebrate Leicester archaeological triumph

An archaeology lover and food extraordinaire is offering chutneys, jams, dressings and relishes, emblazoned with Richard III's boar and handpicked from around Leicestershire.

Digital image showing a person's face.

What does Space sound like? Find out in Trajectory at Leicester's Embrace Arts

Award-winning composer Andrew Williams' new installation at the University of Leicester's arts centre examines sound, space and the challenges facing humanity.

A photo of a sci-fi character in a black stormtrooper style uniform in front of a museum

Darth Vader to join Ewoks and Stormtroopers in Star Wars Return of the Jedi film fun

A two-day costumed spectacular, Return of the Garrison, will reunite many of the cast of the original Star Wars film at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

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