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A photo of a female scientist looking into the camera

The DNA of a King: Dr Turi King on the genome sequencing of Richard III

As the project to understand Richard III's entire genetic makeup begins, Dr Turi King talks about the history, archaeology and science behind the tests.

A photo of a female scientists working in a laboratory while wearing a white coat

Richard III DNA tests to reveal hair, eyes and diseases of the King

"Hugely important" genome sequencing will reveal more about Richard III and have a "profound impact" on our understanding of disease and heredity, say scientists.

A photo of a recreated head of a medieval king against a red background

Uncertainty over reburial of Richard III as Leicester and York await judicial review

A year after DNA tests confirmed the body of Richard III had been found, Leicester Cathedral and the descendents of the King have launched campaigning websites.

A photo of a jam jar full of orange jam next to a small sculpture of a medieval king

Bread Angel creates Richard III food range to celebrate Leicester archaeological triumph

An archaeology lover and food extraordinaire is offering chutneys, jams, dressings and relishes, emblazoned with Richard III's boar and handpicked from around Leicestershire.

Digital image showing a person's face.

What does Space sound like? Find out in Trajectory at Leicester's Embrace Arts

Award-winning composer Andrew Williams' new installation at the University of Leicester's arts centre examines sound, space and the challenges facing humanity.

A photo of a sci-fi character in a black stormtrooper style uniform in front of a museum

Darth Vader to join Ewoks and Stormtroopers in Star Wars Return of the Jedi film fun

A two-day costumed spectacular, Return of the Garrison, will reunite many of the cast of the original Star Wars film at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

A photo of a skeleton from an archaeological dig in a pit next to a measuring stick

Richard III body infected with roundworms, say University of Leicester archaeologists

Faecal contamination allowed parasites to hatch, migrate through Richard III's body, mature in his lungs and grow once re-swallowed, say experts examining his intestines.

A photo of a female archaeologist in a high-visibility jacket and helmet during a dig

Richard III: Archaeologist Claire Calver on the search for the King's body in Leicester

One of the archaeologists on the now-famous Richard III dig talks about the "awesome experience" of excavating the Grey Friars site.

A photo of an ancient coffin in a soil trench

University of Leicester archaeologists bid farewell to Grey Friars site of Richard III body

Concluding with a month-long dig including the discovery of a coffin thought to contain a Medieval knight, the Leicester team who found Richard III have locked the gates.

A photo of a golden telescope in outer space

National Space Centre joins Kickstarter campaign for ARKYD "telescope for everyone"

Visitors to Leicester could be given the chance to search for aliens via a telescope in outer space if a $2 million campaign to send a public telescope into orbit succeeds.

A photo of a dockyard at night

The Culture24/7: History and Heritage highlights for May 2013

From a Bank Holiday party in Cambridge to the inspiring Museums at Night and the opening of the £27 million Mary Rose Museum, here are our history highlights this month.

A photo of a woman holding a football on a field

August Sanders inspires sandergram at Leicester People's Photography Gallery

Following the major exhibition of the influential photographer's work in Leicester earlier this year, 150 August Sanders-inspired photos come courtesy of students and the public.

Richard III: Leicester's Search for a King attracts record crowds to Medieval Guildhall

Following the discovery of Richard III's body, an exhibition looking at the evidence and methods behind the search - including a recreation of his skull - is proving popular.

a photo of a short metal stabbing and chopping weapon

Richard III: The Royal Armouries' Bob Woosnam-Savage on the violent death of the King in battle

As the University of Leicester confirms the discovery of the body of Richard III, one of the experts involved in the project explains more about the king's violent death at the Battle of Bosworth.

A photo of a skeleton from an archaeological dig in a pit next to a measuring stick

Gray Friars skeleton is last Plantagenet king, say Leicester team on trail of Richard III

Having matched DNA from the skeleton with descendents of Richard III, experts say they have proved "beyond reasonable doubt" that the skeleton is that of the King.

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