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a photo of two men in English Civil War period costumes charging toward the camera

Newark braces itself for "blockbuster" English Civil War live action app

A new app will tell the dramatic story of the English Civil War in Newark as part of Newark's new £5.4m National Civil War Centre, which is due to open early next year.

A photo of a small Egyptian statue

"A huge wake-up call": The lessons of the sale of Northampton's Sekhemka statue

Archaeologist Andy Brockman on the controversial decision to sell a limestone Egyptian statue, made by Northampton Borough Council in an auction which raised £16 million.

a photo of a pin cushion in the shape of a heart

Trent to Trenches exhibition tells people's story of the First World War in Nottinghamshire

Trent to Trenches, the county-wide programme for the centenary of the First World War in Nottinghamshire, opens its major exhibition at Nottingham Castle.

A photo of a steel sculpture with cut out silhouette bits revealing a cathedral and grass

Richard III sculpture architects on creating a steel artwork next to Leicester Cathedral

London-based Dallas Pierce Quintero on the silhouette-reflecting steel plates commissioned in honour of the life of Richard III.

A photo of a laser print of a skeleton of a man against a black background

Experts see Richard III's battle injuries as infirmary remains help create new skeleton

Experts from Loughborough University say Richard III's "significant injuries" from the Battle of Bosworth were "quite clear to see" during a project based on the king's remains.

A photo of a set of ancient Roman coins laid out on the hand of a light blue glove

Archaeologists say coins found in Derbyshire cave could be buried savings of Roman tribe

Experts from the National Trust and the British Museum say a set of 26 coins, left in Reynard’s Kitchen Cave by the 1st century Corieltavi tribe, suggest "a serious amount of wealth".

A photo of a small ancient Roman coin in an outstretched palm

A once-in-a-lifetime discovery: Archaeologist Rachael Hall on Roman and Iron Age cave coins in the Peak District

The National Trust archaeologist tells us about the quest to excavate a hoard of special coins, found in a church-like cave in Derbyshire and resembling tiny pieces of art.

A photo of an ancient stone plaque

Roman gold, sceptre heads and Saxon sites: Archaeologist reveals Lincolnshire's best finds

Ahead of this year's Festival of Archaeology, Finds Liaison Officer Adam Daubney reveals a statue of mercury, Roman earrings, Lower Palaeolithic hand axes and much more.

A photo of a small Egyptian statue

Controversial sale of museum's 4,500-year-old Egyptian statue set to raise millions at auction

Despite a last-ditch attempt to overturn the Conservative authority's proposal, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery's Sekhemka sale seems certain to go ahead.

A photo of a human skull

Boot-wearing high-status Saxon with rickets among 10 skeletons found in Lincoln

Three children, four men and three women are being examined by archaeologists as part of the £22 million Lincoln Castle Revealed project.

A photo of a design for a large square stone tomb with a cross-shaped cut in it

Leicester Cathedral reveals "distinctive" Richard III tomb "imbued with spirituality"

Carved from quarried north Yorkshire stone, a tomb cut with a deep cross will seal a coffin designed by a relative of the king.

in the midst of a re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth

Tickets for interactive Richard III Visitor Centre go on sale

Huge demand is anticipated for the King Richard lll Visitor Centre: Dynasty, Death and Discovery, which will open in Leicester in July.

A photo of a large dark brown Roman stone potted with circular holes

Looted stone of Roman mint reveals stories of prehistoric and medieval civilisations

The final stages of a major excavation at Blackfriars, a former industrial centre in Leicester, have sprung a few surprises, say archaeologists.

An aerial view of a mound in the landscape

Archaeology laser project in Newark aims to uncover more about the "Stalingrad of the English Civil War"

The remains of the bloody siege of Newark during the English Civil War are about to be explored in depth by an innovative laser archaeology project.

A photo of various test tubes marked with numbers in a laboratory

In Pictures: The archaeology and science which identified King Richard III in Leicester

Take a look at Richard III's skull and the archaeology and science which identified his remains ahead of the King's body being laid to rest in Leicester.

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