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A photo of a large castle

Lincoln Castle's £22 million restoration set to open to public on Magna Carta anniversary

The five-year restoration of William the Conqueror's 11th century castle will aim to draw global visitors to Lincolnshire on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, say organisers.

Space opera: Jessica Voorsanger talks sci-fi in Scunthorpe for Museums at Night

Culture24 catches up with American artist Jessica Voorsanger, who has interplanetary plans for 20-21 Gallery in North Lincolnshire during Museums at Night.

A photo of a bronze bust of a woman

Sculptor portrays "awesome" Margaret Thatcher in bust on anniversary of death

Sculptor Lisa Hawker says her bronze of Margaret Thatcher, which will go on display in the former Prime Minister's home town of Grantham, conveys her "humanity and spirit".

A black and white photo of a male artist in profile

Artist's Statement: Jacob van der Beugel on creating DNA profiles within a stately home

Stretching from floor to ceiling at Chatsworth in Derbyshire, a set of ochre-coloured panels represent the culmination of nearly four years of work by artist Jacob van der Beugel.

A photo of an ancient faded coat of arms on a wall

Tudor wall could hold Walt Disney link in scrawled schoolboy graffiti and coats of arms

Hidden behind wallpaper in the Newark building which will become the National Civil War Centre, a pair of red emblems and graffiti are mystifying conservators.

New galleries, emerging artists and fresh bread: exploring the Nottingham art scene

Something is happening in the East Midlands, as a city of 300,000 is home to three thriving studio spaces and two high quality public galleries.

A photo of a female scientist looking into the camera

The DNA of a King: Dr Turi King on the genome sequencing of Richard III

As the project to understand Richard III's entire genetic makeup begins, Dr Turi King talks about the history, archaeology and science behind the tests.

A photo of a female scientists working in a laboratory while wearing a white coat

Richard III DNA tests to reveal hair, eyes and diseases of the King

"Hugely important" genome sequencing will reveal more about Richard III and have a "profound impact" on our understanding of disease and heredity, say scientists.

Curator’s Choice: Alex Farquharson on Brain Bug by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd

The Director of Nottingham Contemporary tells us how a monstrous, telepathic creature from out of space landed in the Midlands gallery

A photo of a recreated head of a medieval king against a red background

Uncertainty over reburial of Richard III as Leicester and York await judicial review

A year after DNA tests confirmed the body of Richard III had been found, Leicester Cathedral and the descendents of the King have launched campaigning websites.

Colour photo of an improvised sculpture of a brain-like alien

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd brings exuberant performance to Nottingham Contemporary

The artist formerly known as Spartacus enjoys her first solo show in a UK institution. Visitors can expect low art and high energy, says Mark Sheerin.

Colour photo of a black and white painting of a man climbing into a balloon and bursting it

Paint just one more bodily function in Tala Madani survey at Nottingham Contemporary

There's not other way to say this, but urine and faeces share the stage with great brushwork in Iranian artist's UK show. Mark Sheerin takes a look.

A photo of an engineer working on a piece of a steam engine inside a technical workshop

Full steam ahead for the Flying Scotsman as National Railway Museum gives green signal

A "hidden element" which could have scuppered the plan to return the iconic train to the mainline railway will prove straightforward to solve, according to engineers.

A photo of an exhibition display showing photos and artefacts from a politician's life

Inside Grantham Museum's permanent homage to Margaret Thatcher

A permanent exhibition devoted to Grantham's most powerful daughter has opened at the Lincolnshire town's museum, where a ballot box and 1970s TV are proving popular.

A photo of a gold ring from 17th century Britain with inscriptions visible upon its curve

National Civil War Centre ring to reveal Royalist and Parliamentary Civil War divisions

A mid-17th century gold ring, possibly given as a gift between family members on opposing sides of the Civil War, will go on show at the new £5.4 million centre.

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