Culture24's top ten re-enactment and living history events for summer 2013

| 18 June 2013

We've had a good look at some of the most boisterous re-enactment and living history skirmishes taking place this summer. Here are ten of the rousing best - and a link at the bottom to all of our re-enactment listings...

a photo of a group of men dressed as Knights in shining armour
Knights in shining armour - part of the summer of re-enactment events at Arundel Castle

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, ,  Buckinghamshire, August 17-18

Chiltern Open Air Museum is exploring what life was like in Roman Britain complete with costumed interpreters and Roman Army Training. Go, see, conquer.

Knights Tournament, , Kent, August 24 — 26

The bank holiday weekend brings with it a dizzying number of sieges and medieval tournaments right across the UK (see the full list below) and Dover Castle's Knight's tournament is one of the best. Fully armoured and ready to do battle, the knights engage in hand to hand combat, archery competitions and much more.

Viking Raiders, , Northumberland, August 24-26 

What better place to encounter the fearsome Norsemen than at the scene of one of their most infamous raids? Lindisfarne goes back to the time of the Venerable Bede for this immersive weekend of whiskered warriors.

Tudor Times, The Battle of Flodden at , Suffolk, August 24-26

Flodden Field is often called the forgotten battle. Find out all about this Tudor clash of arms and meet Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk and hear tales from the battlefield and his own version of events. You can even learn the fighting skills used against the Scots and experience life during this time.

Living History Weekend, , Yorkshire, August 25-26

The re-enactors come thick and fast and from all periods in this weekend-long extravaganza which sees Rydale Folk Museum come alive with everything from wimpled maidens to sweating smithies.

Take Aim, Fire! , Epsom, Surrey, August 29

A visiting Napoleonic era artillery battery will be in residence, and apart from making a right old racket, they will be urging younger visitors to take the King's shilling and join the fight against Napoelon Bonaparte. Kids will get a chance to fire a musket!

Civil War, besieged and betrayed at , Dorset, September 7 - 8

Corfe Castle was one of those great English castles battered and broken by the English Civil War so it's apt that Lord Hopton's Regiment of Foote will be here to demonstrate all aspects of 17th century encampment, including drills and weapon displays. Perhaps they'll explain the mess they made as well..?

Roman Open Weekend at , Dorset, September 21 — 22

'The Vicus' Roman re-enactors will be demonstrating daily life in a Roman town with herbalists, a village surgeon, weavers producing cloth and a blacksmith sweating in the Roman smithy amd much more. This family friendly event will also offer plenty of chances to get hands on with a Roman Sword School, Roman games, pottery making and Roman cookery.

Back to the Forties, , Cambridgeshire, September 29

The forties are never far away from the British living history scene, and Britain’s finest hour is celebrated in this Home Front-themed late summer event at which British and American forces, civil defence groups and ordinary people all do their bit for the war effort.

The Tudor Mop Fair, , Cheshire, September 28 - 29

The Tudor and Stuarts Living History Society arrive for a weekend Mop Fair at this beautiful moated manor house. Michaelmas, marking the beginning of autumn and the shortening of the days, was traditionally the time for hiring servants and labour for the year ahead. Find out more with this colourful assortment of Tudor tradesmen and women and see what trade you might have been hired for.

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