Magna Science Centre to create largest "scare attraction" in Europe with Hybrid-X odyssey

By Culture24 Staff | 06 October 2010
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A photo of CCTV footage of a laboratory
Hybrid X heads to Magna this Halloween
Thirty actors and CGI-style special effects will plunge the public down a 1000-foot darkened corridor into a top-secret government DNA laboratory as part of an ominous Halloween odyssey at Rotherham's Magna Science Centre this Halloween.

Hybrid-X will become Europe's largest indoor "scare attraction" at the end of the month. Visitors to the 2021 Ministry of Defence facility may encounter Super Soldiers spliced from human DNA and the genes of fearsome animals; "living bio weapons" with superhuman powers.

The story pits rich funders against aghast church leaders, mutating the anatomies of those who can afford it. The experiment ultimately fails forcing the government to close the facility, but it reopens after a seven-year wait for the benefit of explorers to deepest South Yorkshire.

Audiences will be invited to tour the complex and find out just how reliable the authorities' assurances are that the labs are safe ("seriously, nothing will go wrong!")

"Imagine watching a horror movie with a monster stalking a group of friends," reads the accompanying blurb. "Now imagine that you are in that scene with them, feeling what they feel, seeing what they see.

"We want you to feel nervous about going into it."

The "fear factor" will escalate depending on the time of the visit, with over-18 only ordeals planned amid a backdrop of lighting rigs, smoke, water, air blasts and "sensory deprivation".

Runs October 21-31 2010. Visit the show online to book.

Watch a video about Hybrid-X:

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