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The Garstang Museum of Archaeology, in the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology is named in honour of Professor John Garstang, whose excavations in Egypt, Sudan and the Levant produced the majority of our archaeological collections.

Between 1904-1914 Garstang's work at the cemetaries of Beni Hassan, Esna and Abydos in Upper Egypt produced a wealth of objects from burials of all periods of Egyptian civilisation, while his work at Nagada and Hierakonpolis, also in Upper Egypt, is critical for our understanding of the earliest phase of Egyptian history.

The Garstang Museum also contains objects which came from his work outside Egypt, from Meroe in the Sudan, Jericho in the Levant, and Sakje Geuzi in Anatolia.

The Museum displays some of the key objects in our collection, which also indicate the key areas of strength in teaching and research in the School - Egyptology, Classical Studies and Prehistoric and Near Eastern Archaeology.

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The Museum is normally open on Wednesday afternoons (2.00-5.00) in term time (October to June), and all day (9.30-4.30) on the first Friday of every month.

We are very happy to open the Museum for interested visitors outside these hours. We especially welcome groups of school children or interested adults.

For further details please email Dr Steven Snape, Keeper of the Garstang Museum,

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The greater part of the Egyptian collections of the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology come from the excavations of Prof. John Garstang and Sir Robert Mond conducted in the name of the former Institute of Archaeology (1904-48). The collections (roughly about 40,000 objects) have been subsequently enhanced by a number of gifts, most notably of the Grant material and of the James Smith Collection, and of material from the excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society. There are a number of antiquities from Garstang's work at Jericho in the 1930s and also from the excavations conducted by Dame Kathleen Kenyon on behalf of the British School of Archaeology at Jerusalem, with support from this University, among others (1963). The collections contain some Classical and Prehistoric material, most of these being the personal collections of Professors Bosanquet and Droop, and Mr. R. W. Hutchinson. There is also a selection of coins from the Barnard and Chevasse collections. As well as objects, there is also an extensive photographic archive as well as excavations field note books, correspondence and drawing.

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Archaeology, Archives, Coins and Medals, World Cultures

Key artists and exhibits

  • Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology
  • Professor John Garstang at Jericho
  • Sir Robert Mond
  • James Smith Collection
  • Egypt Exploration Society
  • Dame Kathleen Kenyon
  • British School of Archaeology at Jerusalem
  • Professors Bosanquet and Droop
  • Mr. R. W. Hutchinson
  • Barnard and Chevasse collections
Exhibition details are listed below, you may need to scroll down to see them all.

Book of the Dead: Passport through the Underworld

  • 19 May 2017 5-10pm

The Garstang Museum’s ‘Book of the Dead: Passport through the Underworld’ exhibition features a combination of ancient Egyptian artefacts and artistic photography of ancient papyri. The path to the Egyptian afterlife was through a dangerous night-time zone, guarded by demons. The soul had to successfully pass through each of the 12 ‘Hours of the Night’ to reach an eternal existence in the utopian ‘Field of Reeds’. The exhibition begins with a practical guide to navigating the ancient Egyptian underworld, with displays of the ancient papyri, coffins and amulets used as tools by the Egyptians to get them through the night, and into eternity. Visitors are then taken on a journey through the ‘Hours of the Night’, where subconscious fears and dreamlike states come together in a dramatic funerary landscape, beautifully captured by the work of local Egyptologist and photographer, Julia Thorne. Undergo the judgement of Osiris and, if your heart is lighter than the Feather of Truth, emerge into the eternal paradise of the ‘Field of Reeds’, where an army of ancient magical servants await to do your bidding!

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