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Located in the Carlisle city centre's pedestrianised area at the southern end of Fisher Street, the Guildhall Museum is close to the Visitor Centre in the Old Town Hall, and only five minutes walk from Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.
The Guildhall Museum can be found in Carlisle's only medieval house. Built in 1407 of timber, tile bricks and clay, by Richard of Redeness, who left the house to the community of Carlisle when he died. The Guildhall is one of Carlisle's oldest buildings and is Grade 1 Listed.

The tradesmen of the middle ages found it necessary to protect themselves by forming specialassociations, or Guilds. There were originally eight trade guilds - four of which still meet today. Each Guild had one room as a meeting place. The Guilds were:- Butchers, Merchants, Shoemakers, Skinners, Smiths, Tailors, Tanners and Weavers.

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Each of the Guild Rooms has its own attractions. - ranging from the ship's cabin-like atmosphere of the Shoemakers room to the Victorian character of the Butcher's room.
There are displays of objects relating to the history of the Guilds throughout the museum, including items of Guild silver dating back to the early 18th century. Each Guild had a large banner, which was flown from the Guildhall on important days.

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