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World War Two bomb damage in Exeter
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The National Monuments Record, the public archive of English Heritage, holds over 12 million photographs, plans, drawings, reports, records and documents linked to England's archaeology, architecture, social and local history. Over 2 million photographs and records are now available online for free. If you can't find what you're looking for online you can write, phone or email your enquiry or you can visit the public search rooms and library based in Swindon.

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The Public Search Room and Library is open Tuesday to Friday 09.30-17.00.

We are closed on Mondays, Bank Holidays and over the Christmas/New Year period.

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By train: the nearest station is Swindon. We're 10 minutes walk from the station.
By road: follow the brown attractions signs to the NMRC.

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Archival image of the Royal Artillery Memorial in front of Wellington Arch

We Will Remember Them: London's Great War Memorials

  • 16 July — 30 November 2014 *on now

As part of English Heritage's contribution to the First World War centenary commemorations, an exhibition focused on the six London Great War memorials cared for by English Heritage will run from 16 July to 30 November at the Quadriga Gallery. The exhibition will also highlight fascinating First World War memorial conservation projects and recently listed memorials from across the country.

No area of our heritage is more poignant than war memorials. They link the tragic impact of world wars with local communities across the land. During the First World War all parts of the country sent men off the fight and women off to work. Virtually all suffered losses. This created a powerful need for monuments and no greater wave of public remembrance has ever happened in history.

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Quadriga Gallery, Wellington Arch
Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner

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Getting there

By train: the nearest station is Swindon. We're 10 minutes walk from the station.
By road: follow the brown attractions signs to the NMRC.