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From its origins as a printmaking studio in 1974, over the years Peacock has developed into a vibrant centre offering open access workshops for printmaking, photography and digital media and hosting many exhibitions each year. Peacock is now the main Centre for Contemporary Art in Aberdeen and the North-east of Scotland.

Our master printmakers have worked with many renowned Scottish, UK and international artists over the past decades, always aiming for the highest quality and innovative outcomes. These fine art, limited edition prints are on display both in our shop and online on our Flickr website and online shop:

Peacock visual arts also organises an annual programme of national and international contemporary art exhibitions in its galleries, often accompanied by talks, film screenings and workshops.

Check our main website for the latest news and events:

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Gallery, Artist studio or collective

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Tues-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm

Closed: Monday

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Free access to the Gallery
Modest charges for the use of our printmaking facilities

Main gallery: changing exhibitions of (inter)national contemporary art. Shop gallery: changing exhibitions of prints, drawings, paintings and photography of local, national and international artists.

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Design, Film and Media, Fine Art, Photography

Key artists and exhibits

  • Local, national and international artists. Original prints available by artists including Ralph Steadman, Barbara Rae, Michael Visocchi, David Blyth, Alan Johnston, Ragna Róbertsdóttir, Seán Shanahan, Alan Shipway, Colin Kirkpatrick, Rosalind Nashashibi, David Bellingham, Kenny Hunter and many others.
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  • 20 October — 5 November 2016 *on now

Thee stones are thee temple ov visceral divination; ecstatic geo-surgical rituals un-earthing occult traumas. Thee lithic oil-kvlt desecrates thee graveyard of thee world’s economy[1] with a profane futurology: thee grave is an oasis[2], a cthonic reservoir ov fetid speculation.

Adapting thee rituals ov ancient prophets – thee entrails-reading ov haruspicy and thee corpse-fume intoxication ov thee Delphic Oracle – CHEMHEX EXTRACT exhumes Neolithic-industrial futures and deep eldritch pasts buried in thee black exta ov thee earth. Thee lysergik fumes ov this viscous-archive deliriously induce untimely morbid visions; geotraumatic fantasies ov thee future – corrupt and feverishly f****d.

CHEMHEX EXTRACT is an exhibition that explores Aberdeen’s occult histories, ancient sacred sites, and speculative futures. It is the second instalment of Exta, an ongoing project by Lucy A. Sames and Dane Sutherland. Exta mobilises mystic intensities and sci-fi rituals, adapting the occult art of haruspicy as a method of visceral divination: dredging ecstatic, delirious futurological visions from the entrails of a sacrificed body-politic.

The third instalment of Exta will take place in London, 2017.

[1] The Daily Mail Online

[2] E. M. Cioran, Tears and Saints


Peacock Visual Arts
21 Castle Street
AB11 5BQ

Peacock Visual Arts
21 Castle Street
(off Castlegate)
AB11 5BQ




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