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Contemporary visual arts gallery showing a range of stimulating work in all media by artists based in the UK and beyond. Part of a large arts organisation running studios, workshops, residencies, events, and outreach.

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Gallery, Artist studio or collective

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Wednesday - Sunday 11 - 5

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Work and meeting space for hire.

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Fine Art

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Judith Alder

The New Immortals

  • 20 February — 20 March 2016

Artist/curator Judith Alder has undertaken a period of research extending over two years, during which she has been talking to scientists, medics, philosophers, ethicists, artists and the wider public to explore ideas around immortality, and to begin to consider what advances in biomedical science and technology might mean for us as humans. She asks, ‘Could indefinite human life become a reality? Would we really want to live forever? and What difference would it make if we never died?’

In The New Immortals exhibition, Alder brings together a group of artists who offer their own perspectives on these questions. The work ranges from Murray Ballard’s photographic journeys exploring cryonics to Gabriella Sancisi’s video portrait of a newborn, to Alder’s piece in which a traditional hymn turns into a song of praise for science and technology. Duncan Poulton creates a virtual world from appropriated materials that hints at a different kind of immortality, while Fleur Alston creates photographic mandalas celebrating the lichen, an organism distinguished by its longevity. An installation by Cat Ingrams and etchings by Angela Smith highlight the confusing array of scientific and pseudo-scientific information that bombards us, and musings on hope, faith and belief are presented within work by Anna Macdonald, Rachel Cohen and Guyan Porter.

Each artist grapples with the subject at hand, only to reveal further, even more perplexing levels of uncertainty. Placed within a semi-narrative framework conceived by Alder and created in collaboration with the artists, the exhibits draw gallery visitors through a series of interconnected spaces in which mortality is confronted, belief is questioned, and the elusive elixir of life continues to baffle and inspire in equal measure.

Suitable for

  • Any age
Geraldine Ondrizek

Press & Release 2016

  • 30 April — 12 June 2016

Building upon Phoenix Brighton’s reputation for presenting unique and highly acclaimed exhibitions of artists’ books, we present an ambitious new project that brings together one of the world’s foremost artist books curators and a Brighton-based design team.

The exhibition features the work of notable book artists from across the world, selected by New York based curator and artist Maddy Rosenberg. The exhibition focuses on two key themes; first, the ways in which book artists utilise different technologies, both traditional and new, in order to realize their vision; and second, the relationship between literature and the physical structure of the book in which it is contained. Visitors will experience a dramatic re-invention of the gallery as a place in which they can encounter the artist’s book in a direct and imaginative way.

Exhibitors include: Jay Bolotin, Book Art Museum (Lodz, Poland), Erik Demaine & Martin Demaine, Tina Flau, Art Hazelwood, Emma Hill Fine Art, Valerie Huhn, Kahn + Selesnick, Eunkang Koh, Julia Farrer Lo, Despo Magoni, Max Marek, Heidi Neilson, Geraldine Ondrizek, Marianne R. Petit, Maddy Rosenberg, Susan Rostow, Buzz Spector, Sarah Stengle, Carolyn Thompson, Mary Ting, and Jadwiga Tryzno.

Suitable for

  • Any age

Phoenix Brighton
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