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A showcase for contemporary art, presenting work by young artists or by extablished international artists whose work is rarely seen in the UK.

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Daily 10am-6pm, 7 days a week. Admission is free.

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Free admission to all shows - including temporary, curated exhibitions.

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Fine Art

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  • Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Ron Mueck, Duane Hanson and Chris Ofili, to name but a few.
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Alexander Calder's work 'Sur Les Pointes'

SALON 003: Calder on Paper 1960 - 1976

  • 27 September — 8 December 2017 *on now

A collection of earlier works on paper by Calder dating from 1939 - 1959, will be simultaneously displayed at Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair, London. Exhibiting his work from two separate time periods in his career, in two separate locations, serves to create a comprehensive retrospective. It also ensures that a greater number of works - both familiar and unfamiliar - can elucidate Calder's contribution to the development of modern art.

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  • Family friendly


Thomas Mailaender's piece 'Illustrated People #6'

Iconoclasts: Art Out of the Mainstream

  • 27 September 2017 — 7 January 2018 *on now

'Iconoclasts: Art Out of the Mainstream' is a major new exhibition featuring the work of thirteen ground-breaking artists.

By using a myriad of unusual image-making practices - from branding imagery onto human skin to sculpting curving structures out of crow feathers - these artists are breaking the mould, ushering in a new age of artistic defiance through their resistance of typical artistic processes and their personal interpretations of cultural mores.

While this group cannot be described as iconoclasts in the traditional sense of the word, they are all driven by an iconoclastic urge, which manifests itself in the intriguingly diverse and often destructive ways they produce art. A startling number of materials and techniques cohabit in one exhibition, where abstraction, figuration, creation and deconstruction combine.

At a time when the very notion of iconoclasm has seemingly become mainstream, Iconoclasts brings together the work of thirteen distinct contemporary figures, seeking to examine what it means to be an iconoclast today.

Iconoclasts features the work of Maurizio Anzeri, Matthew Chambers, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Josh Faught, Aaron Fowler, Danny Fox, Makiko Kudo, Dale Lewis, Thomas Mailaender, Kate MccGwire, Renee So, Douglas White and Alexi Williams-Wynn.


An illustration of a man in a balaclava.

Inside Pussy Riot

  • 14 November — 24 December 2017 *on now

As part of the ‘Art Riot: Post Soviet Actionism’ exhibition, Les Enfants Terribles, in association with Tsukanov Family Foundation present ‘Inside Pussy Riot’, the story of a group of modern day, post-punk feminist revolutionaries who stuck two fingers up at the system and suffered the consequences. Pull on the balaclava, stand in the dock and live the realities of imprisonment in this immersive experience. Tickets start from £21.50 and are available at

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Tickets start from £21.50 and are available at


Image of a man stairing through bars

Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism

  • 16 November — 31 December 2017 *on now

On 16 November 2017, the Tsukanov Family Foundation and Saatchi Gallery will open ‘Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism’, an exhibition dedicated to Post-Soviet protest art over the past 25 years, a world premier for protest artists Pussy Riot and Pyotr Pavlensky. The exhibition will feature work by performance artists including Oleg Kulik, Pussy Riot, Pyotr Pavlensky, Blue Noses Art Group, Arsen Savadov, AES + F, Vasily Slonov, and will display various genres and types of protest art, from posters and slogans to video art, staged photography and performances.

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A print of a woman's face

Prints and Originals Gallery | Revolutions Per Minute

  • 29 November — 24 December 2017

Revolutions Per Minute includes an international roster of artists who have participated in the Nuart Festival. The festival has showcased established legends, such as Futura, Martha Cooper and Jamie Reid, as well as newly emerging artists from around the globe and leading Norwegian artists. The exhibition will feature a mix of new original works and limited edition prints.

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Free admission


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