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The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (formerly Chinese Arts Centre) is leading the UK in exploring a changing international dynamic. Investigating the most exciting contemporary work coming out of China and East Asia today, CFCCA works with a wide array of partners to embrace a global century where Chinese art is moving firmly centre-stage.

CFFCA are leading the sector in showcasing Chinese contemporary art and visual culture, encouraging broader engagement with Chinese contemporary art through a lively and innovative programme of exhibitions, residencies, engagement projects, festivals, international projects and events.

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art is fully accessible. Admission is free

The main gallery is 150 metres sq and houses Chinese Arts Centre's curated exhibitions and takes in tours from the national and international scene.

The new building offers several ‘physical' facilities for artists' use. The project space of 50 sq. metres will be a studio for resident artists who are taking part in Chinese Art Centre's Breathe residency programme and a space for open studios. We also offer surgeries, advice and consultation services for artists as well as providing administrative support and IT facilities in a purpose built study/resources space.

To compliment our hugely successful artist-lead school workshops and outreach programme, the education suite has the very latest IT facilities available to enhance learning. This will mean that Chinese Arts Centre will continue to be at the forefront of disseminating information about Chinese creativity, from the traditional through to the contemporary. The education suite is also available for conference hire.

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Architecture, Decorative and Applied Art, Design, Film and Media, Fine Art, Performing Arts, Photography

Key artists and exhibits

  • Xu Bing; Liu Xiao Xian; Dinu Li; Ming Wong; Gordon Cheung; He An; Anthony Lam; Guo Wei; He Duoling; Shaoyinong and Muchen; Community Museum Project; William Yang; Ellinda Siu; Chun-Chao Chiu; Suki Chan
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Micro Micro Revolutions by Lu Pei-yi - 500 Lemon Trees by Huang Po-chih

Micro Micro Revolution - socially engaged art in Taiwan

  • 2 July — 5 September 2015


Curator: Lu Pei-yi
Artists: Hsu Su-chen, Huang Po-chih, Lu Chien-ming, Wu Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio

Date: 3 July - 6 September, 2015
Preview: Thursday 2 July 2015, 6-8pm

Micro Micro Revolution aims to explore the power of art as a vehicle to address social change in Taiwan through three socially-engaged art projects: “A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek”, “Plant-Matter Needed” and “500 Lemon Trees”. These ongoing process-based, participative projects use art as a vehicle for addressing environmental issues, as a form of resistance, and as a platform for exchange.

Micro Micro Revolution has been supported by Ministry of Culture Taiwan and the University of Salford

"A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek"
Artists: Wu Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio

The Plum Tree Creek is located in the margin of the Taipei basin and the mouth of the Danshui River in Taiwan. The water in this area is heavily polluted and in some places has been diverted, drained or covered. This project brings together communities that exist along its banks and who rely upon the river as a resource, to reconnect with it, to reclaim ownership of it and to care for it.

"Plant-Matter Needed: The Material World of The Riverbank Amis Tribe 2015"
Artists: Hsu Su-chen and Lu Chien-ming

In 2009 the Sa’owac Village located in the Dahan Creek faced risk of demolition due to a new urban development plan for a riverside cycling route. Artists Hsu Su-chen and Lu Chien-ming worked in collaboration with the local community in the subsequent period of protest and reconstruction. The exhibition will explore the project through videos, texts and objects presented within a reconstruction of one the Sa’owac Village dwellings.

"500 Lemon Trees"
Artist: Huang Po-chih

Five Hundred Lemon Trees called for 500 participants to each donate 500 Taiwanese Dollars to buy a wine label. The sale of each label funded the planting of a lemon tree in fallow farmland in north Taiwan that has been neglected for twenty years. Two years later participants received a bottle of Limoncello and were invited to stick the wine label on the bottle themselves. CFCCA will be home to an orchard of lemon trees where audiences will be able to witness ongoing art-enterprise in action.

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  • Any age



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Clemens Wilhelm – ‘Simulacra’

Clemens Wilhelm – ‘Simulacra’

  • 15 April — 7 June 2015 *on now


In Clemens Wilhelm's video “SIMULACRA” one observes seemingly absurd moments of Chinese tourists posing in a world which seems to have shrunk.
“SIMULACRA” was shot in the “Window of the World” Entertainment Park in Shenzhen (China) which presents 140 copies of the world's most famous tourist attractions. A tour through the park simulates a journey around the world: the Gizeh Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal, etc. What do these buildings mean when they are taken out of their original contexts?

The “Window of the World” was built in the early 1990s, and its original business idea was based on the Chinese people's desire to see the world. Back then this dream was limited by political and economic obstacles. Since the park’s construction, much has changed in China and travelling abroad to the real tourist attractions has become a much more achievable dream. This park presents a Chinese perspective on the world which is touristically distorted and already dated. However, it still is a welcome backdrop for thousands of photographs every day: selfies, friends, couple-in-love, wedding or family pictures. The photos these “tourists” take are not intended for the future but for the moment, to be posted on social media. These images are produced and consumed in an instant.

The dreamy scenes of “SIMULACRA” are shot in slow-motion which increases the artificiality of this post-modern hyperreality. The film has a slow and meditative pace and invites you to ponder fundamentally disturbing questions: What does it mean to take pictures nowadays? What is the goal of tourism when you can google every image at home? Is traveling abroad to see the world and to take pictures of it still necessary? Do we need simulacra?

Simulacra has been supported by the University of Salford.

About the Artist

Clemens Wilhelm (*1980 West-Berlin) is a multimedia artist living in Berlin. He works mainly in video and photography. His works are conceptual and revolve around ideas of society and identity. He often works in series. His work has been exhibited in many countries and institutions.
He studied at HBK Braunschweig, Germany in the classes of Prof. Candice Breitz and Prof. Michael Brynntrup (Film Class). In 2009, he was awarded „Meisterschüler” of Prof. Candice Breitz. He was granted the KSN Northeim Scholarship 2009-2010. In 2011, he was artist in residence at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (China), SIM Reykjavik (Iceland) and Buitenwerkplaats (TransArtists & Pepinieres Europeennes Scholarship), Amsterdam (Netherlands). In 2012, he was artist in residence at SUMU AIR, Turku (Finland).



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