Waygood Gallery Morris Dancer Suspended On Byker Billboard

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 13 June 2007
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a photograph of a man in white costume and bowler hat dangling from his hands down a brick wall

Matthew Cowan, A Morris Dancer Should Never Appear to Touch the Ground. © the artist

A large scale photograph of a morris dancer will be the latest image on the Harker Herald billboard, outside of Waygood Gallery’s temporary home on Shields Road, Byker.

The artist, Matthew Cowan, a New Zealander, fascinated by the folk traditions of Britain, will also perform a morris dance Lumps of Plum Pudding, from the village of Bledington, when the billboard is installed on Saturday June 30 at 10.30am.

The image, in which the morris dancer appears to be suspended from the second floor of the building above the traffic, will be on display throughout July.

"A Morris Dancer Should Never Appear to Touch the Ground is a billboard image that arises from instructions given as to what a morris dancer should be thinking about when learning to dance," said Matthew.

"Morris dancing is traditional dance form that is native to England, and is over 500 years old. It has never been more popular than it is today.”

Harker Herald is a billboard outside the Waygood Gallery & Studio’s temporary home in the Harkers Building, 548-560 Shields Road, Byker, displaying work by a different artist each month.

It can be seen on the left hand side of the road by passengers on the number 15 and 22 Stagecoach buses from Walker to Byker, the 301 and 302 from the coast to town and by motorists travelling towards Byker on the A193 before the large retail park.

It is located just after the large Siemens factory, and opposite the Parsons Turbine Hall and is also a short walk from Chillingham Road or Walkergate Metro stations.

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