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a sketchbook page with writing and several head studies in pencil

Gaudier-Brzeska, Edward Burra, Prunella Clough: More treasures released online in Tate Archive

Unpublished Henri Gaudier-Brzeska sketchbooks, candid photos of Edward Burra and Prunella Clough's industrial photos are among the 11,000 new items available online from the Tate Archive.


Black and white etching of a young man (self portrait of Leon Underwood)

Leon Underwood steps out of historical shadows with major show at Pallant House

The artist who taught Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore is getting recognition in Chichester with an exhibition showcasing painting, etching and sculpture. Mark Sheerin visits.


a photo of a large worked flint hand axe

Stone Age axemen used "complicated thinking", say archaeologists using brain scanning

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging on the brains of archaeologists who had been taught to recreate prehistoric tools, researchers say Lower Palaeolithic craftspeople were more skilled than previously thought.

History & Heritage

a before and after photograph showing a black and white room furnished with heavy Jacobean furniture and a colour photo of a recreation

Old black and white photo helps RAF Museum recreate Claude Grahame-White's Hendon office

Claude Grahame-White's sumptuous first floor office has been faithfully recreated at the RAF Museum in London after careful analysis of a single black and white photograph.

Science & Nature

a painting of dinosaurs at a lagoon surprised by a meat eating dinosaur

Dinofest2015 brings the world's leading dinosaur exhibits to museums across Hampshire

As the imminent release of Jurassic Park Four signals a new round of dino-mania, prehistoric creatures are set to invade Hampshire for a monumental year of exhibitions and events in the county's top museums and arts venues.

Painting & Drawing

A photo of two male political leaders in suits depicted in the form of words

"Vaguely complimentary to absolute condemnation": Greens win, Cameron least popular in election portraits from Twitter

Artist Annemarie Wright, who has previously portrayed Sir Alex Ferguson and been commissioned by singer Adele, has turned her gaze to the words of Twitter users for a series of general election artworks.

Georgians and Victorians

A photo of a group of people in Georgian costumes standing at a candlelit dining table

A magical atmosphere: Step back into the 18th century with a candlelit tour of a magnificent Georgian York townhouse

The York time capsule which might just be the country’s most beautiful Georgian townhouse is inviting people in for two special evenings of candlelit performances this May.

Military History

a photo of a gallery installation of an exhibition

Five Myths of Gallipoli: The National Museum of the Royal Navy puts the record straight

As Anzac Day approaches, The National Museum of the Royal Navy's historian and curator Nick Hewitt outlines five myths of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

Dinosaurs & Fossils

A photo of a dinosaur skull against a black background

Scientists create first 3D skull reconstruction of tetrapod from 360 million years ago

A tetrapod which reached land around 360 million years ago has been likened to a modern crocodile by scientists who have used software techniques to scan its bones.


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