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A photo of a colourful interior of a house inside a gallery created by Felicity Hammond for House 2016 in Brighton

Show Room: Artist Felicity Hammond prods London's property bubble with Language of Living commission

Working somewhere between photography, sculpture, property promotional materials and contemporary art, Felicity Hammond has made a candy-coloured room for Brighton's HOUSE Festival.


A photo of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the first called the armada portrait

Save the Armada Portrait: Public appeal launched to save £10 million painting of Elizabeth I

A 16th century portrait will enter public ownership for the first time in its 425-year history and be hung on the site of the original Greenwich Palace if a public appeal raises £8.6 million.


A photo of archaeologists looking at stone artefacts at Clandon Park in Surrey

"Daunting is an understatement": The battle by archaeologists to save a burnt-out mansion

Catherine Edwards was one of four archaeologists faced with the task of a salvage operation at Clandon Park, in Surrey, after a huge electrical fire. She describes the mission to save artefacts from the 18th century site.

History & Heritage

A photo of an ancient trombone in the musical instruments museum in brussels

Curator's Choice: A classic 19th century trombone made by saxophone forefather Adolphe Sax in Paris

We head to Brussels to hear about a trombone from 1876 with six independent valves and seven bells, as seen by Jo Santy, of the Musical Instruments Museum.

Science & Nature

a multi-dimensional photograph of a human skeleton

Burke's skeleton to human body parts: New app opens up University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Collections

We take a look at the grimly fascinating collection of the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum, where a new interactive app has been launched to open it up to people worldwide.

Painting & Drawing

An installation view of a sculpture of human buttocks in a wall by artist Anthea Hamilton in the Turner Prize 2016

Turner Prize 2016: Michael Dean, Anthea Hamilton, Helen Marten and Josephine Pryde nominated

Seduction, elusiveness, vigorous sculptures and staged pieces are a few of the elements on this year's list. Take a look at a few of the works by the four nominees.

Places to Go

a photo of a thatched cottage

Looking for Shakespeare: A Heritage trail in search of The Bard

Explore the world of William Shakespeare through museum collections, documents, historic houses and heritage sites in the UK.


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