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An image of a cartoon of Tintin from the cartoon strip with his dog Snowy

Somerset House announces TINTIN: Hergé's Masterpiece exhibition on much-loved cartoon

Somerset House says it will channel some of Tintin creator Hergé’s adoration of architecture and design when it opens a major exhibition on the cartoon in November.


William 'Strata' Smith geological map - Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences at University of Cambridge

"Enormous, iconic and beautiful": 200-year-old 'Magna Carta' of geological maps goes on show in Cambridge

The ‘Magna Carta’ of geological maps has gone on display at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences - 200 years after it was first published.


Healed fracture of the left cheekbone

Five gladiator skulls from Londinium 2,000 years ago are about to go on public show

The Museum of London will be displaying five skulls of men who suffered violent deaths - including being beheaded - 2,000 years ago in ancient Londinium.

History & Heritage

A photo of a newspaper page from the Civil War broadcasting news from the north

Strange news from the north: the ghost sightings used for political gain over 17th century Yorkshire

Researchers say a series of pamphlets, published from 1659 onwards, reported "five strange wonders" in the north and west of England - suggesting the north could have been perceived as a magical place.

Science & Nature

A photo of a hoverfly in the UK as seen by the Royal Society of Biology

Top ten British garden insects: Ecologists ask the public to choose their favourite British bugs

Ecologists from the Royal Society of Biology have picked ten of their favourite UK insect species and asked the public to choose theirs. Which ones would get your vote?

Painting & Drawing

A photo of two people sitting in a Wheel House by the sea as part of Ramsbottom Festival 2015

Ten festivals to be surprised by art at this summer

From Camp Bestival to Cumbria's Lakes International Comic Art Festival, here are ten festivals to find great art at between now and October.

Military History

A knight

Falcons, polecats and swords: Arundel Castle International Joust Week in pictures

The story of the first day at Arundel Castle's International Joust Week 2015.

Curator's Choice

A photo of a stuffed wolf, a deer's head mounted on a wall and a dress on a mannequin

Curator's Choice: A strapless dress, a shark off the Cumbria coast and a beer barrel

Jill Goodfellow, of Tullie House in Carlisle, picks eight exhibits from their What's in Store exhibition - including a Roman shield boss, a strange-looking bottle, herbarium sheets and a fishing net.


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