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A photo of a male artist posing on a roof top with a blue print of John Lennon in New York

Artist's Statement: Russell Marshall on John Lennon posing in his New York t-shirt in 1974

Artist Russell Marshall has received Yoko Ono and original artist Bob Gruen's blessing to recreate the rooftop image of the singer for a 'bed-in' at London gallery Beautiful Crime.


A photo of a series of cakes at Bath Abbey imitating the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off: Bath Abbey "overwhelmed" in pursuit of £19.3 million building plan

The Great Bath Bake Off is back at the 7th century abbey, with experts including the Baking Appreciation Society and the Mothers' Union attempting to outdo each other.


A photo of an archaeologist digging a square within a brown mud field site in Sherford

Archaeologists to open site of prehistoric settlement discoveries to public in Devon

Members of the public are being invited to visit an excavation site at a new town in Devon where Iron Age roundhouses, pottery and bone from as far back as 43 AD have been discovered.

History & Heritage

A photo of the reconstructed face of a 6th century man found at a crypt in Edinburgh

Facial reconstructions show how murdered 6th century men and women might have looked

Archaeologists have used a mass burial found beneath an Edinburgh car park to create facial reconstructions of four people from 1,500 years ago.

Science & Nature

a painting of an cosmonaut doing a space walk

Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age - space toilets, weightlessness and the cosmos in new Science Museum show

The Science Museum's new exhibition is testament to how, in less than 100 years, we have gone from dreaming about space to living in it, says Rachel Teskey.

Painting & Drawing

An image of a painting showing a man at his easel by the 17th century Dutch artist Frans van Mieris

Dutch master's 17th century selfie, bought by wartime socialite for £771, moves from Surrey to The Hague for Golden Age show

Frans van Mieris, who was only eclipsed by Rembrandt in the production and variety of his self-portraits during the 17th century, created an ancient selfie.

Military History

A black and white photo of Ivan Maisky, the Russian ambassador to Britain, writing at a table

Soviet-British alliance could have averted World War II, diaries of Russian ambassador who drank with Churchill reveal

Gabriel Gorodetsky, a fellow at All Souls College in Cambridge, is bringing out a book of edited extracts from the journals of Ivan Maisky, the Soviet ambassador in London between 1932 and 1943.

Places to Go

painting of abstract figures and totem-like object consisting of coourful shapes

The best art exhibitions to see in Scotland during 2015

With the autumn/winter exhibition season here, Culture24 picks the best Scottish exhibitions of 2015 to catch between now and Christmas.


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