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a composite picture showing two images of Elizabeth side by side; the left showing an x-ray of the original

National Portrait Gallery researchers reveal 'airbrushed' Elizabeth I in X-ray of portrait

The NPG's new Tudor portraits exhibition reveals how X-rays of a portrait of Elizabeth I show how the Queen's portrait was overpainted and prettified in the eighteenth century.

An image of an illustration of a young Tudor Queen

Artist's Statement: Jessica Collett on feminism, fluff and Tudor Queens

The young playwright Jessica Collett discusses the "immeasurable" Tudor impact as she prepares to open her play, Mother, Crone, Maiden, at Liverpool's Bluecoat gallery.

a photo of a man in armour next to an armoured horse

Richard III skeleton reveals his prodigious alcohol consumption and rich diet

New forensic research on the skeleton of Richard III has revealed his enormous intake of alcohol and rich food.

A photo of a laser print of a skeleton of a man against a black background

Experts see Richard III's battle injuries as infirmary remains help create new skeleton

Experts from Loughborough University say Richard III's "significant injuries" from the Battle of Bosworth were "quite clear to see" during a project based on the king's remains.

A photo of a human skull

Richard III to be buried in Leicester, High Court rules

The University of Leicester has been granted permission to reinter Richard III's body at the city's cathedral after a challenge from counter-claimants in York was dismissed.

A photo of a castle on a city street

Public given chance to follow ceremonial route of Richard III in repeat of sold-out storytelling

John Oxley, the council archaeologist who will follow in the footsteps of Richard III on trails around York, says the King's "personal affection" for the city shines through.

An image of an ancient 18th century letter in black ink on yellow paper

Future King advised to avoid war in 18th century letter revealed at Buckingham Palace

The Prince of Wales's 18th century letter, advising the future King George III in a checklist shortly before the writer's premature death, is about to go on public show.

A photo of a man in a Viking outfit and beard holding a flame and looking stern

The end of the world show: See out the apocalypse in style at Jorvik Viking Festival

It might be Ragnarok - the apocalypse as predicted in Norse legend - on Saturday, but the annual Viking Festival is promising to give everyone a memorable end to life on earth.

An image of an 18th century painting showing people playing classical instruments

Handel's royal relationships to sing in musical exhibition at the Foundling Museum

On the 300th anniversary of his composition playing at King George II's coronation, a major exhibition is all about the creative philanthropy of George Frideric Handel.

An image of a portrait of a 16th century queen in a glamorous white decorated dress

Elizabeth I: Where to find the 16th century Queen in museums and galleries

On the anniversary of her coronation in 1559, here's where to find the letters, portraits, gifts and puns of Elizabeth I and some of the people who knew her.

A photo of a woman standing in front of a large ancient book inside a historic building

600-year-old Richard III manuscript turns the page at Yorkshire Museum

The House Book of medieval York will be left open on pages revealing the truth behind Richard III's visits to York and the thoughts of leaders after his death.

a portait of Sir Walter Raleigh with a moon symbol in the top left

Mysterious symbol discovered in Walter Raleigh portrait reveals his love of Elizabeth I

Experts at the National Portrait Gallery say sea and moon symbols discovered beneath the centuries old layers of paint on a Walter Raleigh portrait reveal his love and devotion towards Queen......

A photo of a recreated head of a medieval king against a red background

Archaeologists send head of Richard III to Northampton Museum

The King will return to Northamptonshire, where he was born in Fotheringhay Castle, on the penultimate leg of a limited-stop nationwide tour later this month.

A photo of an ancient coffin in a soil trench

University of Leicester archaeologists bid farewell to Grey Friars site of Richard III body

Concluding with a month-long dig including the discovery of a coffin thought to contain a Medieval knight, the Leicester team who found Richard III have locked the gates.

A photo of a conservator laying out a golden royal dress

Kensington Palace visits wardrobes of The Queen, Princess Diana and Princess Margaret

Twenty-one iconic frocks go on show in a major new exhibition, Fashion Rules, at Kensington Palace. Jenni Davidson pays it a visit.

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