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A black and white photo of two men talking in front of a concrete urban wall

Thierry Noir, first artist to paint on the Berlin Wall, has first solo show in London exhibition

In 1984, French artist Thierry Noir settled in a squat overlooking the Berlin Wall at the border. Thirty years on, his works are about to arrive in London.

A photo of a bronze bust of a woman

Sculptor portrays "awesome" Margaret Thatcher in bust on anniversary of death

Sculptor Lisa Hawker says her bronze of Margaret Thatcher, which will go on display in the former Prime Minister's home town of Grantham, conveys her "humanity and spirit".

A black and white photo of a schoolboy looking into the camera as part of a group

Earliest known photos of Winston Churchill show teenage years of future British leader

Found in a Gloucestershire barn two years ago, a series of seven plates showing "amazing" lost images of the teenage Winston Churchill are being conserved.

A photo of an exhibition display showing photos and artefacts from a politician's life

Inside Grantham Museum's permanent homage to Margaret Thatcher

A permanent exhibition devoted to Grantham's most powerful daughter has opened at the Lincolnshire town's museum, where a ballot box and 1970s TV are proving popular.

a photo of a library room with leather armchair, lamp, book cases and a table with cigars, cigar box and other trinkets

Viking longships and Leningrad cigar boxes: Chartwell reveals Winston Churchill's gifts

Chartwell, the atmospheric former home of Winston Churchill, is exhibiting the many gifts given to the great British statesman during his stints as Prime Minister.

a portait of Sir Walter Raleigh with a moon symbol in the top left

Mysterious symbol discovered in Walter Raleigh portrait reveals his love of Elizabeth I

Experts at the National Portrait Gallery say sea and moon symbols discovered beneath the centuries old layers of paint on a Walter Raleigh portrait reveal his love and devotion towards Queen......

A photo of an American wartime propaganda showing a general pointing forward

Propaganda: Power and Persuasion at the British Library

The major new exhibition at the British Library offers some compelling insights into how the power of text and images can be used to create social change, says Emily Beeson.

A photo of the crowd scene on Tattenham Corner at the Epsom Derby with a horse lying prone on the ground.

Dying for the Vote: Militant suffragette Emily Wilding Davison at Bourne Hall Museum

In June 1913 Emily Wilding Davison's cause of death was recorded as "misadventure". Bourne Hall Museum revisits the events of the day in a celebration of her life and the cause for which she died.

A photo of a dockyard at night

The Culture24/7: History and Heritage highlights for May 2013

From a Bank Holiday party in Cambridge to the inspiring Museums at Night and the opening of the £27 million Mary Rose Museum, here are our history highlights this month.

A photo of a gold pen next to a small pistol

Earl Mountbatten's James Bond-style gold-plated pen-pistol joins Royal Armouries

A £13,000 pistol-concealing pen, presented to the late Maharaja Hanwant Singh of Marwar-Jodhpur by royal family cohort Lord Louis, could go on public show.

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