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A photo of a child dangling above buildings and a river from 27 metres in the air

Matisse and Mallard to guns and butterflies: Ten things to do around the UK this Easter

From a vertiginous climb above the ss Great Britain to treasures from 15th century China in Glasgow, there's no reason to end up with egg on your face this Easter. Here are a few tips.

A photo of a door

Bletchley Park huts to tell tales of whooping codebreakers who became World War II heroes

See pictures inside the huts as planners at Bletchley Park prepare to open them to the public following an £8 million, Heritage Lottery Fund-backed restoration.

A black and white photo of a man and woman pushing large bottles while using trolleys

BBC prepares to launch enormous storytelling project in World War One At Home

The untold and forgotten stories of World War I will begin to be told on the BBC next week in a week of broadcasts across local television and radio stations.

A black and white photo of a couple embracing

Wives and Sweethearts: Love Letters sent During Wartime revealed by Army Museum

Described as an alternative to the "saccharine sentiments" of Valentine's Day, letters and photos at the National Army Museum reveal enduring, thriving wartime love stories.

A photo of an enormous world war two plane being dismantled on a city street

Spitfire Fighter plane takes to the roads in manoeuvre from Manchester to London

Having stood in the Museum of Science and Industry's Air and Space Hall for 19 years, technicians have dismantled a 1940s plane and sent it to the RAF Museum.

A black and white photo of a schoolboy looking into the camera as part of a group

Earliest known photos of Winston Churchill show teenage years of future British leader

Found in a Gloucestershire barn two years ago, a series of seven plates showing "amazing" lost images of the teenage Winston Churchill are being conserved.

A black and white photo of an earth crater caused by a bomb

Archaeologists find World War II bomb testing building at Ashley Walk Bombing Range

A New Forest bombing range where Britain's heaviest bouncing bomb was dropped has revealed covered-up chambers built by the wartime Ministry of Home Security.

Black and white image of railway tracks stretching into the horizon, appearing to disappear into the clouds.

Manchester Jewish Museum marks Holocaust Memorial Day with exhibition and performances

Artist Gary Spicer and Manchester schoolchildren mark Holocaust Memorial Day at Manchester Jewish Museum with an exhibition and performances remembering the Kindertransport.

a photo of a large howitzer on a rail track in a museum store house

The world's largest gun to the Burma Spitfires: Top ten military history stories of 2013

What were Culture24's most popular military history stories of 2014? Here they are, in order of popularity as chosen by Culture24 readers.

A photo of an ancient toffee tin with a cake from the 1930s inside it

Christmas cake left uneaten by sailor lost at sea tells sad World War II submarine story

Archivists at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum have collaborated with the sister of a fallen World War II sailor to tell the tale of an uneaten Christmas cake from 1939.

A photo of a massive submarine in a dock covered in scarves

Knitters cover World War II submarine HMS Alliance in giant, 1,337-square scarf

Insulating the conning tower with a 400 metre scarf, more than 200 knitters have covered one of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum's finest specimens in wool.

a photo of a monoplane seen from above

Fleet Air Arm Museum calls for help to decipher markings on Japanese Kamikaze bomber

The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovil is asking the public for help in deciphering the ciphers on the side of its rare Ohka 2 Word War Two Japanese Kamikaze plane.

A photo of a group of man in suits standing in front of a historic plane inside a museum

Archaeology team to resume Burma mission after Spitfire bid wins Claridon support

Swayed by his 16-year devotion to the cause, a global logistics company has given new backing to the bid to find Spitfire planes believed to have been buried in Burma.

a photo of a set of medals

Museum of the Manchester Regiment tells story of every man behind medal collection

The Museum of the Manchester Regiment has completed an ambitious project to tell the stories of every soldier whose medals are in its collection.

a photo of a library room with leather armchair, lamp, book cases and a table with cigars, cigar box and other trinkets

Viking longships and Leningrad cigar boxes: Chartwell reveals Winston Churchill's gifts

Chartwell, the atmospheric former home of Winston Churchill, is exhibiting the many gifts given to the great British statesman during his stints as Prime Minister.

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