Pre-20th Century Conflict

From the Battle of Agincourt to Spion Kop, pre-20th century British military history is littered with conflicts that continue to enthrall. Explore them here with news, reviews, features, events, resources, websites and much more drawn from UK museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites.

A black and white photo of a male human skull

"Compelling" new forensic evidence shows grisly sustained attack on Richard III at Battle of Bosworth

Experts have studied sword marks and a UNESCO manual on torture as part of a high-tech investigation into the injuries left on Richard III's body more than 500 years after his death.

a photo of a group of men dressed as Victorian soldiers around a large artillery gun

Royal Armouries prepares its revolutionary Victorian 64-pounder gun for a rare firing

The Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson is preparing its great Victorian 64-pounder Rifle Muzzle Loading gun for a rare firing later this month.

a photo of two men in English Civil War period costumes charging toward the camera

Newark braces itself for "blockbuster" English Civil War live action app

A new app will tell the dramatic story of the English Civil War in Newark as part of Newark's new £5.4m National Civil War Centre, which is due to open early next year.

a photo of a man in armour next to an armoured horse

Richard III skeleton reveals his prodigious alcohol consumption and rich diet

New forensic research on the skeleton of Richard III has revealed his enormous intake of alcohol and rich food.

A photo of a steel sculpture with cut out silhouette bits revealing a cathedral and grass

Richard III sculpture architects on creating a steel artwork next to Leicester Cathedral

London-based Dallas Pierce Quintero on the silhouette-reflecting steel plates commissioned in honour of the life of Richard III.

A photo of a laser print of a skeleton of a man against a black background

Experts see Richard III's battle injuries as infirmary remains help create new skeleton

Experts from Loughborough University say Richard III's "significant injuries" from the Battle of Bosworth were "quite clear to see" during a project based on the king's remains.

a photo of a spitfire and V-1 rocket suspended in a gallery atrium

Imperial War Museum reopens with ground-breaking interactive First World War gallery

Imperial War Museum's new First World War gallery, which has reopened following a £40 million overhaul, is a major step forward in museum exhibitions, but what of the Second World War galleries?......

A group of historical re-enactors

Largest Napoleonic re-enactment ever staged planned for bicentenary of Battle of Waterloo

Events including a show, exhibitions and two major historical re-enactments will take place on and around the historical battlefield of Waterloo in June 2015.

equestrian statue of Robert the Bruce, Bannockburn

Robert the Bruce in Battle: A battlefield trail from Methven to Bannockburn

What really happened at Bannockburn? How important was the battle, who were the main players, and what were the stakes? Come on a journey through Scotland and the north of England to revisit the......

a section of tapestry showing knights with chain mail

Archaeologists to return to Battle of Hastings site for major dig to preserve remaining artefacts

The Battlefield archaeologist who discovered the site of the Battle of Bosworth is planning a major dig at Battle Abbey in spring 2015 to preserve the archaeology of the Battle of Hastings from......

a close up of a cannon

Loaded cannons from HMS Victory 1737 restored at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

A pair of cannons from HMS Victory 1737, fully loaded with hemp rope wadding, iron cannon balls and a mass of damp gunpowder, have been restored and returned to Portsmouth.

An aerial view of a mound in the landscape

Archaeology laser project in Newark aims to uncover more about the "Stalingrad of the English Civil War"

The remains of the bloody siege of Newark during the English Civil War are about to be explored in depth by an innovative laser archaeology project.

A picture of vikings carrying their boat, drawn in 1555

Eight museums not to miss if you are into Vikings

The Vikings’ stay in Great Britain was comparatively short – but lasting. Even a 1000 years after they left the island, they keep fascinating adults as well as children. These museums are the......

A photo of a plan for the outside of a large modern museum

National Army Museum closes its doors to begin 21st century transformation

The National Army Museum closes its doors and begins the process of transformation into a modern museum with 21st century facilities.

A photo of an ancient brown helmet on a pole

Sutton Hoo and Europe galleries exert magnetic pull in British Museum display

From the capture of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus to a decorated Roman bread stamp, we take a look at the British Museum gallery dedicated to AD 300-1100.

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