Pre-20th Century Conflict

From the Battle of Agincourt to Spion Kop, pre-20th century British military history is littered with conflicts that continue to enthrall. Explore them here with news, reviews, features, events, resources, websites and much more drawn from UK museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites.

a side view of a decorated helmet with visor

Royal Armouries welcomes ruling to block sale of rare Wootton St Lawrence helmet

The Royal Armouries has welcomed an appeal judgement that prevents a rare armet dating to 1500 being sold at auction by a church in Hampshire.

A photo of a man in an archaeological trench

Local diggers at Scottish abbey discover coins looted from soldiers at Battle of Bannockburn

More than 1,000 objects have been found in 17 acres of land around Cambuskenneth Abbey – one of the few places singled out in tales of the Battle of Bannockburn.

A photo of people taking a look at an animation of a horse on a battlefield

Public to join Robert the Bruce and Edward II armies at Battle of Bannockburn Centre

Flanked by huge screens, a virtual battlefield will be part of the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre when it opens in Stirling next month.

a painting of the Battle of Waterloo depicting a panorama of the battle with French Cavalry attacking the British line formed up in a square.

Major new website to be launched for Battle of Waterloo bicentenary in 2015

A new website is to be developed for the 2015 bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, partnered by the National Army Museum and Culture24.

A photo of a drum with paintings on it from the 19th century

Waterloo 200: Six key artefacts from the Battle of Waterloo

Backed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the National Army Museum and Culture24 will launch a digital collection for next year's bicentenary of Waterloo. Here are six artefacts that might make the final......

A photo of a gold ring from 17th century Britain with inscriptions visible upon its curve

National Civil War Centre ring to reveal Royalist and Parliamentary Civil War divisions

A mid-17th century gold ring, possibly given as a gift between family members on opposing sides of the Civil War, will go on show at the new £5.4 million centre.

a photo of a large howitzer on a rail track in a museum store house

The world's largest gun to the Burma Spitfires: Top ten military history stories of 2013

What were Culture24's most popular military history stories of 2014? Here they are, in order of popularity as chosen by Culture24 readers.

A photo of a couple of chefs working with pans and plates on the deck of a ship

Heston Blumenthal cooks aboard HMS Victory for Great British Food series on Channel 4

As part of a new Channel 4 series exploring classic British recipes, top chef Heston Blumenthal heard stories of Nelson's Navy and their dependence on salty beef.

a photo of Hadrian's Wall stretching across an undulating landscape

Hadrian's Wall Trust sells off virtual bricks to raise cash for up-keep

The Hadrian's Wall Trust has launched a new Adopt a Stone website to address a £170,000 shortfall after funding cutbacks.

a photo of a turfed ditch between two mounds

Bold five-year plan for Antonine Wall announced by Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland have announced a new five-year development plan for the Roman Antonine Wall, including new signage, a website and better links to museum collections.

a photo of a set of medals

Museum of the Manchester Regiment tells story of every man behind medal collection

The Museum of the Manchester Regiment has completed an ambitious project to tell the stories of every soldier whose medals are in its collection.

A photo of a jam jar full of orange jam next to a small sculpture of a medieval king

Bread Angel creates Richard III food range to celebrate Leicester archaeological triumph

An archaeology lover and food extraordinaire is offering chutneys, jams, dressings and relishes, emblazoned with Richard III's boar and handpicked from around Leicestershire.

A woman looks at two huge wall coverings depicting Napoleonic scenes.

Lost paintings from the Napoleonic Wars discovered at York Castle Museum

After being boarded up for more than 50 years, hand-drawn 19th century wall hangings depicting Napoleonic scenes have been uncovered by staff at York Castle Museum.

A photo of a woman standing in front of a large ancient book inside a historic building

600-year-old Richard III manuscript turns the page at Yorkshire Museum

The House Book of medieval York will be left open on pages revealing the truth behind Richard III's visits to York and the thoughts of leaders after his death.

A photo of a mask of an 18th century man against a dark background

Nelson, Navy, Nation: National Maritime Museum's Story of Royal Navy and British People

The National Maritime Museum's new permanent gallery brings out the big guns and heroes. Yet the most fallible aspects provide the most intrigue in Greenwich.

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