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a sepia photo of a hospital ward with wounded soldiers and nurses

Bath Fashion Museum enlists public to explore women's fashions during World War One

Residents in Somerset are being asked to help stage The Great War in Costume: Family and Fashion on the Home Front by sharing their keepsakes and mementos.

a side view of a decorated helmet with visor

Royal Armouries welcomes ruling to block sale of rare Wootton St Lawrence helmet

The Royal Armouries has welcomed an appeal judgement that prevents a rare armet dating to 1500 being sold at auction by a church in Hampshire.

A photo of a man and a woman standing in front of a chequered board in an art gallery

Susan Stockwell unveils work made with recovering soldiers at National Army Museum

Artist Susan Stockwell has unveiled a new textile based artwork at the National Army Museum developed with rehabilitating soldiers.

A photo of a child dangling above buildings and a river from 27 metres in the air

Matisse and Mallard to guns and butterflies: Ten things to do around the UK this Easter

From a vertiginous climb above the ss Great Britain to treasures from 15th century China in Glasgow, there's no reason to end up with egg on your face this Easter. Here are a few tips.

A photo of a large white sculpture of a cross on the wall of an enormous cathedral

Gerry Judah honours war cemeteries with twin white cruciforms at St Paul's Cathedral

Installed in the cathedral which stood over wartime London, Gerry Judah's dramatic sculptures aim to question the wastefulness and destruction of war.

an architect's mock up drawing of an exhibition space with aircraft and displays

RAF Museum to open First World in the Air permanent exhibition in December 2014

The RAF Museum has announced it will open its new permanent exhibition exploring the first air war in December 2014, with a £900,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Commemorative art exhibition Monument translates well to both sides of Channel

100 years from the outbreak of World War I and 70 since the Normandy Landings, four galleries in Norwich, Calais and Caen join forces to mark the occasion.

A photo of people inside a mockup navy ship lit by red lights

Inside the new HMS Alliance and galleries at the National Museum of the Royal Navy

The only surviving British World War II-era submarine has reopened following a £7 million renovation, alongside the new £4.5 million Hear My Story galleries. Take a look.

A black and white photo of two army officers during world war one

Curator's Choice: An eerie postcard of Rudyard Kipling's son before his death

Having initially been refused entry to the army due to extremely poor eyesight, Jack Kipling signed up before he was legally old enough. A postcard hints at his tragic tale.

A black and white photo of a group of first world war soldiers crouching around a sign

Photos by UK's first female press photographer show London a century ago

Christina Broom's photos show London at the outbreak of the First World War - including the son Rudyard Kipling sent to war.

A photo of people in red and black Victorian uniforms firing huge cannons on a hill

64-pounder 19th century gun fired by uniformed artillery at Fort Nelson

One of two smooth-bore guns at the former fort in Hampshire, issued to form part of the Victorian armament, have been fired from the hills in a public ceremony.

A photo of a man in an archaeological trench

Local diggers at Scottish abbey discover coins looted from soldiers at Battle of Bannockburn

More than 1,000 objects have been found in 17 acres of land around Cambuskenneth Abbey – one of the few places singled out in tales of the Battle of Bannockburn.

A photo of a model of a horse standing against a dimly-lit red brick wall inside a museum

Horse moves into museum after blanket-covered box haul along Midlands motorways

After several visits to Derby in pursuit of the right horse, the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum has puts its newest arrival in charge of a weapons store.

A photo of a door

Bletchley Park huts to tell tales of whooping codebreakers who became World War II heroes

See pictures inside the huts as planners at Bletchley Park prepare to open them to the public following an £8 million, Heritage Lottery Fund-backed restoration.

A photo of a woman in a white scientific coat piecing together the bones of a skeleton

Executed Vikings were inexperienced raiders who oozed smelly pus, say archaeologists

Having lent some of their skeletons to the British Museum's new exhibition, archaeologists have released more details on the Vikings found in a mass grave in Weymouth in 2009.

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