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a photo of large brick arches being craned into a railway cutting as men in hard hats look on

Historic Victorian railway arches saved in deal between English Heritage and Network Rail

A set of Grade II listed railway arches have been saved from demolition in a unique partnership between English Heritage and Network Rail.

a black and white photo of two boys looking at a train set

National Railway Museum launches quest to find the nation's favourite railway toy

The National Railway Museum in York is asking the public to nominate their favourite childhood railway toys ahead of a major exhibition about toys opening in spring 2015.

A photo of a man standing in front of an enormous blue locomotive steam engine

King's Cross shedmaster makes pilgrimage to Yorkshire as Mallard bids farewell

Peter Townend, who controlled the speed record-breaking Mallard during a 43-year railway career, travelled from Torquay to Durham for a final glimpse of its two sister engines.

A black and white photo of schoolboy trainspotters looking across bygone railway tracks

Exhibition faces up to taboo of trainspotting as artist takes "last radical stance"

Chosen from a shortlist of 120 artists, Andrew Cross will create art in honour of the 189th anniversary of trainspotting. It will, he says, ramp up the anticipation and drama.

A photo of a projection of a railway logo on the brick wall outside a big railway museum

Mallard sets off from York as projections light up Durham Castle ahead of finale

Its Dominion of Canada and Dwight D Eisenhower sister engines are off to Chesterfield this weekend, but the finale of a year-long celebration, in Shildon, awaits Mallard next week.

A photo of a group of cheerleaders standing in front of an ancient steam train engine

Cheerleaders see off Eisenhower and Canada as Railway Museum bids Mallard farewell

Having welcomed a quarter of a million people to its Mallard 75 celebrations, the National Railway Museum invited a dance squad to see off two of the American engines.

A photo of an engineer working on a piece of a steam engine inside a technical workshop

Full steam ahead for the Flying Scotsman as National Railway Museum gives green signal

A "hidden element" which could have scuppered the plan to return the iconic train to the mainline railway will prove straightforward to solve, according to engineers.

A photo of a man standing next to a locomotive train in an industrial setting

Model of Planet locomotive of Liverpool and Manchester Railway arrives at 21

Started by volunteers in 1986, a model of the Planet locomotive which was the first to whizz along the railway is being celebrated at the Museum of Science and Industry.

A black and white photo of a group of 1930s railwaymen standing in front of a locomotive

Railway Museum welcomes daughter of goods guard who helped Mallard speed record

Ahead of a visit which will see her meet the famous locomotive for the first time, curators expect "colourful tales" from Henry Croucher's daughter at the Railway Museum.

A photo of a man in a suit

Railway veteran speed record breaker joins Mallard 75 Autumn Great Gathering

20,000 visitors descended upon York's National Railway Museum at the weekend, including dozens of former railway workers from major sheds across Britain.

a photo of the Mallard being shunted past a railway platform

Mallard returns to National Railway Museum in York for the Autumn Gathering of A4s

As Mallard returns to the National Railway Museum in York, Culture24 talks to Bob Gwynne about the enduring appeal and importance of the A4 locos.

A photo of a curator holding a large brick up while wearing white gloves

Curator's Choice: Dr Matt Thompson on the romance and excitement of an ancient wheel

The Broseley Wheel dates from a railway more than 400 years ago. The senior curator at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust tells us more.

A black and white photo of steam locomotive rolling along a track during the 1930s

Mallard 75: The 76-year history of the mighty Dwight D Eisenhower A4 locomotive

Its sibling locomotive, the speed record-breaking Mallard, may enjoy more of the limelight, but the loco known as Dwight is equally remarkable. We take a closer look.

a photo of a steam locomotive bathed in light

National Railway Museum lines up spectacular free light show for Mallard's Autumn Gathering

The National Railway Museum in York is hosting four late night events in which the Mallard and her surviving sister A4 locomotives will be bathed in a spectacular lightshow.

a photo of three A4 locos lined up on the tracks

Mallard tours from York to Doncaster and Chesterfield in East Coast Mainline tour

The world's fastest locomotive, Mallard, has begun a glorious tour on the 75th anniversary of its record-breaking achievement on a Grantham gradient.

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