Maritime History

As an island nation Britain has a long maritime tradition; explore it here with features, news, events and listings drawn from UK maritime museums and heritage sites.

A photo of icebergs on an Arctic sea

Modern Titanics face greater iceberg peril, say experts on anniversary of ship sailing

New research shows that 1912 was a year of "raised but not exceptional" iceberg hazards, with the risk "likely to increase" in the future.

A photo of people inside a mockup navy ship lit by red lights

Inside the new HMS Alliance and galleries at the National Museum of the Royal Navy

The only surviving British World War II-era submarine has reopened following a £7 million renovation, alongside the new £4.5 million Hear My Story galleries. Take a look.

A photo of a man looking out of the window through a nautical ring inside a museum

Tiny Yorkshire fishing museum appeals for memories of centuries-old marine industry

Nearly 50 years after saving the Filey Museum's 17th century home, the town's Historical Society are calling on the public to provide their memories for a new book.

A photo of a sculptor working on a bust of man

Alexander McKee, the man who found the Mary Rose, remembered in Portsmouth bust

The man whose determination found the Mary Rose has been honoured with a sculpture at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where the HMS Warrior has also had good news.

A photo of an ancient toffee tin with a cake from the 1930s inside it

Christmas cake left uneaten by sailor lost at sea tells sad World War II submarine story

Archivists at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum have collaborated with the sister of a fallen World War II sailor to tell the tale of an uneaten Christmas cake from 1939.

View of Bristol from top of the mast of ss Great Britain

Scale new heights and Go Aloft the ss Great Britain in 2014

Vistors to the ss Great Britain in 2014 will have a rare opportunity to see the former passenger ship and Bristol from 27 metres above the ship's deck.

A photo of a massive submarine in a dock covered in scarves

Knitters cover World War II submarine HMS Alliance in giant, 1,337-square scarf

Insulating the conning tower with a 400 metre scarf, more than 200 knitters have covered one of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum's finest specimens in wool.

A photo of a large modern museum with various maritime artefacts in the foreground

King George III, female football referees and archaeology as Weymouth Museum returns

Devised entirely by volunteers, a museum full of maritime artefacts has reopened for the first time in two years.

A photo of a couple of chefs working with pans and plates on the deck of a ship

Heston Blumenthal cooks aboard HMS Victory for Great British Food series on Channel 4

As part of a new Channel 4 series exploring classic British recipes, top chef Heston Blumenthal heard stories of Nelson's Navy and their dependence on salty beef.

A black and white photo of a group of people looking out at an incoming ship from a cliff

Royal Museums Greenwich buys "remarkable" archive of shipwreck photos

An archive of more than 200 shipwrecks off the coastlines of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been bought by Royal Museums Greenwich for £122,500.

A black and white photo of a First World War submarine

World War I submarine commander's medals given to Royal Navy Submarine Museum

A daring commander who took on the German High Seas Fleet and took part in Special Service will be remembered through his medals, which have gone to Gosport.

Painting of a seascape with canoes and small boats in the foreground and larger ships and mountains in the background.

Royal Museums Greenwich announces 2014 exhibition line up

Commemorating the centenary of World War I and anniversaries of the signing of the Longitude Act and formation of Trinity House, curators in Greenwich are busy.

A black and white photo of an early 20th century boat crew on a vessel on the sea

RNLI announces national World War I touring exhibition, Hope in the Great War 2014

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution has created a touring exhibition to raise awareness and appreciation of those who volunteered for them during World War I.

a black and white photo of a seagull resting on the barrel of a navy gun overlooking Scapa Flow

Underwater surveys at Scapa Flow could lead to Historic Marine Protected Area

Historic Scotland have begun an underwater survey at Scapa Flow that could lead to its valuable remains becoming a Historic Marine Protected Area.

A photo of a mask of an 18th century man against a dark background

Nelson, Navy, Nation: National Maritime Museum's Story of Royal Navy and British People

The National Maritime Museum's new permanent gallery brings out the big guns and heroes. Yet the most fallible aspects provide the most intrigue in Greenwich.

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