Nene Valley Railway to relive the days of the Royal Mail lineside pick up

By Culture24 Staff | 01 July 2009
a photo of a train carriage moving at speed past some lineside catching apparatus

Peterborough’s heritage railway, the Nene Velley Railway, is to recreate a famed railway spectacle which has not taken place since it last occurred on the British Rail system in October 1971.

On Saturday July 4 a mail train will pick up leather pouches at speed from the lineside apparatus at Sutton Cross, run through Wansford station non-stop, and drop the pouches at the lineside apparatus at Yarwell.

It will be the first time such an operation has taken place since BR ceased using lineside mail apparatus at Penrith on the West Coast Main Line.

Only one of three heritage railways which can demonstrate how mail was collected on the move, sorted en route, then dropped off – all at speed, the NVR is the only one which has two sets of apparatus and thus the ability to collect and drop mail in one run.

The historic run will start at Wansford station at 10.30 and run to Orton Mere before the locomotive runs-round and heads westwards where the collection and drop will take place. Passengers can be carried for those interested in witnessing this exciting spectacle.

For more details contact Nene Valley Railway on 01780 784444 or follow the details below.

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