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The UK boasts scores of transport and industrial heritage museums as well as numerous heritage steam railways - get the inside track on them here with Culture24 news, reviews, events, websites and more...

A black and white photo of a busy ancient railway station with a huge arched roof

The English Railway Station: See photos from 200 years of British railway history

From the early 19th century Southampton station designed in the form of an Italian town palace to the modern reimagining of St Pancras, a new survey reveals how railways changed Britain.

A photo of a man in overalls painting part of an ancient train

Restoration work on Winston Churchill's funeral train nears completion

Workshop staff and volunteers in County Durham say their restoration of Winston Churchill's funeral van will be completed in time for the 50th anniversary of the journey.

A photo of a red and white archaeological measuring stick within a dark stone pit

Archaeologists "strike gold" with stinky pickling pond used in HMS Victory build

Digging a metre beneath a slab at Chatham Historic Dockyard, archaeologists have found excellently-preserved timbers used to create mighty ships centuries ago.

A photo of a group of men standing next to a railway carriage

National Railway Museum launches appeal to restore humble electric commuter train unit

A humble South East Trains commuter train unit - the most travelled vehicle in the National Collection - is to be restored back to its former glory at the National Railway Museum.

a photo of two engine pulling a train on a small gauge railway

Spock-like spectre haunts Norfolk railway steam engine

A ghostly apparition resembling Star Trek's Mr Spock has been discovered in the port hole of a locomotive of the Wells Walsingham Light Railway.

a photo of a Concorde in a large hangar with other civil aircraft

Duxford Aviation Society restores Concorde's famous droop nose mechanism

Duxford Aviation Society’s newly-restored Concorde has learned how to lower its famous drooping nose once again in IWM Duxford's Airspace Hall.

A black and white photo of two men leaning out of the window of a locomotive train

Artist's Statement: Andrew Cross on the art of Trainspotting at the National Railway Museum

Artist Andrew Cross has created the National Railway Museum's exhibition on the phenomenon of Trainspotting. His passion, he says, is wonderfully absurd.

A black and white illustration of London during the 17th century showing a busy city

Archaeologists launch crowdfunding bid to discover story of London's lost waterways

Archaeologists on the Thames foreshore want to explore the river stairs which acted as London's bus and tube stops - if they can raise £3,000 through a public appeal.

a photo of a deep red steam railway engine

Prized 108-ton steam loco launches triple fundraising appeal at East Lancashire Railway

East Lancashire Railway volunteers have undertaken a sponsored pull of their flagship LMS “Crab” 2-6-0 No.13065 loco, to launch a major campaign to raise £250,000 for three key projects.

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