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a film still of a Viking ship on the horizon

British Museum's Vikings Live to hit cinemas on April 24

Continuing the trend for alternative cinema content alongside major London exhibitions, Vikings Live is about to go on a major tour of British cinemas.

A photo of a huge recreation of a Viking warship inside a museum

Divination, sorcery, runes, thunder and spirits: Vikings at the British Museum

Emily Beeson negotiates ale buckets and rusted broadswords on a trip around the British Museum's bewitching Life and Legend exhibition.

A photo of various gold archaeological discoveries

"Spectacular" gold Anglo-Saxon ring found by detectorist to go on show in Essex

A 1,400-year-old gold ring will go on show to the public in a special archaeology display after being bought by the Saffron Walden Museum.

A photo of an ancient ruined abbey with dozens of gravestones in the foreground

Two chapel walls, mid-Saxon ditch and metalworking debris found at Whitby Abbey

The second week of a three-week excavation at the North Yorkshire abbey is drawing to a close, with English Heritage preparing to present its findings.

A photo of a woman in a white scientific coat piecing together the bones of a skeleton

Executed Vikings were inexperienced raiders who oozed smelly pus, say archaeologists

Having lent some of their skeletons to the British Museum's new exhibition, archaeologists have released more details on the Vikings found in a mass grave in Weymouth in 2009.

A photo of the large skeletal section of a viking longship within an exhibition space

Gold, chessmen and a 37-metre 11th century warship: Vikings at the British Museum

The British Museum's first exhibition in more than 30 years to be devoted to Vikings opens this week. See some of the brooches, hoards, swords and ships here.

A photo of a skeleton buried in a muddy pit

Shield-wearing skeleton, necklace and grave goods found in early Saxon inhumations

An adult male, found lying upon a decorative shield with a knife and spear, and a woman wearing a beaded necklace are among the finds in a Cambridgeshire village.

A photo of a man in a Viking outfit and beard holding a flame and looking stern

The end of the world show: See out the apocalypse in style at Jorvik Viking Festival

It might be Ragnarok - the apocalypse as predicted in Norse legend - on Saturday, but the annual Viking Festival is promising to give everyone a memorable end to life on earth.

A photo of a skull in a museum

Last chance to see Neolithic tomb and Celtic fire-dog in Cardiff archaeological gallery

A 1st century leopard cup from Italy and examples of the earliest gold in Wales could move to St Fagans as part of a bid to give the collection greater exposure.

A photo of two men in high visibility jackets and hard hats digging an archaeological pit

Iron industry revered by Romans discovered during link road dig in East Sussex

An iron working site from the late Iron Age, hinting at a sophisticated iron industry the Romans would have wanted to control, has emerged on the Hastings-Bexhill link road.

A photo of an angular window opening in a castle looking out onto the countryside

Archaeologists open walled up window for first time in 500 years at Mingary Castle

Drilling through a lancet window at a 13th century castle once used against Viking invasions, archaeologists have opened a view last seen by a Scottish clan 500 years ago.

A photo of a large grey statue of a man carrying a sword under a blue sky

Archaeologists find suspected remains of Alfred the Great in Winchester

An overlooked box of bones in Winchester Museum holds a "plausible link" to the burials of the 10th century ruler or his son, Edward the Elder.

A photo of a large hoard of Viking pieces of silver and gold against a white sheet

Yorkshire Museum in £50,000 appeal for Bedale Viking archaeological hoard

A wealthy Viking's life savings, including pieces originating from Scandinavia, Russia and Ireland, has gone on show at the Yorkshire Museum as part of a two-month appeal.

A photo of a grey grave showing skeletal remains next to a measuring stick

Wallingford Museum reburies hundreds of skeletons from Saxon and medieval Britain

The remains of around 500 people buried between the 10th and 14th centuries, including more than 200 near-complete skeletons, have been reburied in Oxfordshire.

A close up photo of ancient skeletal remains within a stone coffin at an archaeology site

Archaeologists find holy bones and Saxon coffin in wall niche during Lincoln Castle dig

Digging beneath Lincoln's famous 11th century castle, archaeologists have discovered a church from "at least 1,000 years ago", as well as a shoe-wearing body buried within a sarcophagus wall......

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