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A photo of a skeleton in digital form

July 2014's top ten UK archaeology artefacts

Gold beads, hacked Roman legs and jawbones, cave coins and Tutankhamun all turned up in the summer heat. Take a look back at ten of the discoveries.

A photo of people looking at a skeleton within an excavated stone archaeological grave

Anglo-Saxon arthritis sufferer, graves and swords found by archaeologists at Barrow Clump

Archaeologists have been reflecting on their latest excavations at a Salisbury site which has been a Neolithic settlement, Bronze Age burial mound and Saxon cemetery.

A photo of a human skull

Boot-wearing high-status Saxon with rickets among 10 skeletons found in Lincoln

Three children, four men and three women are being examined by archaeologists as part of the £22 million Lincoln Castle Revealed project.

A photo of an ancient green key against a black background

In Pictures: Horn handles and axeheads from 10th century Viking graves found in Cumbria

See objects including spurs, pins and a buckle from a female grave, investigated as part of six burials found during a search sparked by the discovery of a brooch in 2004.

a photon of a jawbone and skull fragment

Have archaeologists found the remains of Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson?

Archaeologists in Scotland are exploring the likelihood that a high status burial in East Lothian could be a Viking King who ruled Dublin and Northumbria from 934 to 941.

A picture of vikings carrying their boat, drawn in 1555

Eight museums not to miss if you are into Vikings

The Vikings’ stay in Great Britain was comparatively short – but lasting. Even a 1000 years after they left the island, they keep fascinating adults as well as children. These museums are the......

A photo of a woman holding up a small length of jewellery from a Viking hoard

Viking and Anglo-Saxon rarities to stay in Yorkshire as museum buys Bedale Hoard

A hoard of gold pommels, twisted neck rings, silver ingots and designs from Russia and Ireland will go on public display after a successful public fundraising campaign.

A photo of a skeleton next to a 50p coin

Skeletons of foetus, heavily pregnant woman and crammed men found at York church

A huge tomb has been excavated at All Saints church, in York city centre, where the timbers of 3rd century trees and pottery fragments have also been found.

A photo of an ancient brown helmet on a pole

Sutton Hoo and Europe galleries exert magnetic pull in British Museum display

From the capture of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus to a decorated Roman bread stamp, we take a look at the British Museum gallery dedicated to AD 300-1100.

a film still of a Viking ship on the horizon

British Museum's Vikings Live to hit cinemas on April 24

Continuing the trend for alternative cinema content alongside major London exhibitions, Vikings Live is about to go on a major tour of British cinemas.

A photo of a huge recreation of a Viking warship inside a museum

Divination, sorcery, runes, thunder and spirits: Vikings at the British Museum

Emily Beeson negotiates ale buckets and rusted broadswords on a trip around the British Museum's bewitching Life and Legend exhibition.

A photo of various gold archaeological discoveries

"Spectacular" gold Anglo-Saxon ring found by detectorist to go on show in Essex

A 1,400-year-old gold ring will go on show to the public in a special archaeology display after being bought by the Saffron Walden Museum.

A photo of an ancient ruined abbey with dozens of gravestones in the foreground

Two chapel walls, mid-Saxon ditch and metalworking debris found at Whitby Abbey

The second week of a three-week excavation at the North Yorkshire abbey is drawing to a close, with English Heritage preparing to present its findings.

A photo of a woman in a white scientific coat piecing together the bones of a skeleton

Executed Vikings were inexperienced raiders who oozed smelly pus, say archaeologists

Having lent some of their skeletons to the British Museum's new exhibition, archaeologists have released more details on the Vikings found in a mass grave in Weymouth in 2009.

A photo of the large skeletal section of a viking longship within an exhibition space

Gold, chessmen and a 37-metre 11th century warship: Vikings at the British Museum

The British Museum's first exhibition in more than 30 years to be devoted to Vikings opens this week. See some of the brooches, hoards, swords and ships here.

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