Tudor and Stuart

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a composite picture showing two images of Elizabeth side by side; the left showing an x-ray of the original

National Portrait Gallery researchers reveal 'airbrushed' Elizabeth I in X-ray of portrait

The NPG's new Tudor portraits exhibition reveals how X-rays of a portrait of Elizabeth I show how the Queen's portrait was overpainted and prettified in the eighteenth century.

A photo of a man in high-visibility clothing opening a window on a Tudor wood building

Surveyors search for Civil War scorch marks and musket ball holes at Tudor school building

Conservators creating the new £5.4 million Civil War Centre at Nottingham say they have reached a "crucial" stage in their overhaul of a 17th century school.

A photo of a sculptor working on a bust of man

Alexander McKee, the man who found the Mary Rose, remembered in Portsmouth bust

The man whose determination found the Mary Rose has been honoured with a sculpture at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, where the HMS Warrior has also had good news.

A photo of various gold archaeological discoveries

"Spectacular" gold Anglo-Saxon ring found by detectorist to go on show in Essex

A 1,400-year-old gold ring will go on show to the public in a special archaeology display after being bought by the Saffron Walden Museum.

A photo of black rocks on a beach under eroding cliffs

Human bones from Welsh cliffs could come from "unofficial" Tudor burial ground

Dozens of human bone fragments, found by a member of the public off the cliffs of Cwm Nash following storm erosion in January, could date from as long ago as the 16th century.

A photo of an ancient faded coat of arms on a wall

Tudor wall could hold Walt Disney link in scrawled schoolboy graffiti and coats of arms

Hidden behind wallpaper in the Newark building which will become the National Civil War Centre, a pair of red emblems and graffiti are mystifying conservators.

An image of a portrait of a 16th century queen in a glamorous white decorated dress

Elizabeth I: Where to find the 16th century Queen in museums and galleries

On the anniversary of her coronation in 1559, here's where to find the letters, portraits, gifts and puns of Elizabeth I and some of the people who knew her.

A photo of people working on an archaeological dig

Archaeologists discover home of Charles I's surgeon at medieval Stratford site

Archaeologists have found the remains of Tudor and medieval buildings, signs of a long-suspected Roman road and "a few hidden gems" during a dig at Stratford Broadway in London.

A photo of a skull next to a gloved hand

Books, bodies, bangles and boats: The top ten archaeology discoveries of 2013

From castles and fields to railway stations and log boats, dig up the past with us and come on a journey through some of the best archaeology finds of the year.

A photo of three pieces of gold archaeological jewellery

Curators appeal for help to save "Sutton Hoo Age" gold ring, Roman coins and treasures

Curators are appealing to the public in a bid to raise £70,000 for an incredible archaeological hoard of treasures found by metal detectorists in the Saffron Walden area.

An image of a painting of a Tudor queen in full royal attire

Elizabeth I and her People shows Queen and country at the National Portrait Gallery

Seeing the Queen's image may be nothing new, but the NPG's display reveals the level of control Elizabeth I had over her portrayal, says Sarah Jackson.

a portait of Sir Walter Raleigh with a moon symbol in the top left

Mysterious symbol discovered in Walter Raleigh portrait reveals his love of Elizabeth I

Experts at the National Portrait Gallery say sea and moon symbols discovered beneath the centuries old layers of paint on a Walter Raleigh portrait reveal his love and devotion towards Queen......

A photo of a man creating a perfume in a small bottle while reading from a recipe book

Artist's Statement: A master perfumer on the smell of Jacobean London

Commissioned as part of the Museum of London's forthcoming exhibition on the revelatory Cheapside Hoard, Roja Dove has captured the scented floral materials indigenous to Britain. Spices, musk,......

Four people in Stuart costume

Performing for the King at Banqueting House in Whitehall

A family-friendly exhibition at Banqueting House gives visitors the opportunity to experience a masque of the Stuart court and learn a Renaissance dance in costume.

A photo of a woman standing next to a large bed head framed on a wall

Curator's Choice: Dr Ellen McAdam on Henry VIII's bed head at The Burrell Collection

The bed head from the night of Henry VIII's 1540 marriage features a carving of the king's extremely large codpiece. Dr Ellen McAdam, of Glasgow Museums, tell us more.

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