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A photo of a large gold ancient ring

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold, a medieval matrix and an amulet in Cornwall

Anna Tyacke, the Finds Liaison Officer for Cornwall, chooses a Roman gold bracelet or neck fragment, a medieval silver seal matrix and a first pestle amulet.

A photo of a gold coin with the face of a Roman emperor and lettering engraved on it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold coins and daggers of war in the west

Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, introduces an extremely rare gold coin and a dangerous metal dagger found by a fisherman.

A photo of a series of cracked grey and brown ancient vessels

Festival of Archaeology: Julian Watters on pickaxes, brooches, dogs and Roman cups

The Finds Liaison Officer for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire picks four of his favourite discoveries, including a 1st century vessel and a figurine in the form of a seated dog.

A photo of a brown human bone with teeth protruding from it

Hacked Roman legs and jawbones come from brutal Boudiccan battles, say archaeologists

Phil Crummy, of the Colchester Archaeological Trust, gives Culture24 the latest on a set of sliced-off 2,000-year-old bones found at a department store excavation.

A photo of a woman holding up a skull inside a museum

Salisbury Museum opens £2.4 million Wessex Gallery of Archaeology

BBC presenter Dr Alice Roberts and Time Team's Phil Harding were among the visitors to the Salisbury Museum's new £2.4 million gallery for an opening weekend full of fun.

A photo of various green archaeological vessels

Archaeologists plan Roman shrine excavation in Wiltshire as Wessex Gallery opens

Ahead of the opening of the new gallery and the start of the Festival of Archaeology, Finds Liaison Officer Richard Henry tells us about a few finds.

A photo of a skull in a stone-filled pit

Skeletons beneath Dorset villa could reveal health and ancestry of 4th century Romans

Archaeologists in Dorset say a set of five adult skeletons, found in the first burial of villa owners close to their residence, could hold "significant information" about the Romans.

A photo of a large white and red bath house on grassland under a blue sky

Archaeologists hit the jackpot first time with Roman bath find at Segedunum Roman Fort

Archaeologists have discovered a bath house during their first dig on the site of a former Roman fort and pub at the end of Hadrian's Wall.

A photo of a set of ancient Roman coins laid out on the hand of a light blue glove

Archaeologists say coins found in Derbyshire cave could be buried savings of Roman tribe

Experts from the National Trust and the British Museum say a set of 26 coins, left in Reynard’s Kitchen Cave by the 1st century Corieltavi tribe, suggest "a serious amount of wealth".

A photo of a small ancient Roman coin in an outstretched palm

A once-in-a-lifetime discovery: Archaeologist Rachael Hall on Roman and Iron Age cave coins in the Peak District

The National Trust archaeologist tells us about the quest to excavate a hoard of special coins, found in a church-like cave in Derbyshire and resembling tiny pieces of art.

A photo of an ancient stone plaque

Roman gold, sceptre heads and Saxon sites: Archaeologist reveals Lincolnshire's best finds

Ahead of this year's Festival of Archaeology, Finds Liaison Officer Adam Daubney reveals a statue of mercury, Roman earrings, Lower Palaeolithic hand axes and much more.

A photo of a box

Lottery wins and axeheads: The month's top ten archaeology discoveries

What links Cornwall with southern Iraq and post-war Polish immigrants with Scottish fish paste? Here are a few of the finest archaeological finds made in June.

A photo of various pieces of ancient gold

Ancient gold from 4,300-year-old woman's necklace and "exceptional" Neolithic houses go on show

Finds stretching as far back as the Ice Age, including a recreation of an important woman, have been put on public show following 11 years of excavations at a quarry in Berkshire.

A black and white photo of a castle on a hill

Norman lords, World War II hospitals, POW camps and a Roman fort: The story of Dinefwr

Archaeologist Ken Murphy explains why Dinefwr Park and Castle, which hosts a major literature festival this weekend, is the home of 2,000 years of hidden histories.

A photo of a man standing in a large archaeological field

Roman gold coin find: Poisonings, arson, death and singing in the life of Emperor Nero

Professor Andrew Birley, the Director of Excavations at the site where an incredibly rare coin bearing Nero's images was found, on the life of the Emperor.

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