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An cut-away illustration of a Roman house

Archaeologists head back to Roman Maryport site to investigate building uncovered in 2013

Volunteers and archaeologist are returning to the Roman Maryport archaeological site, on the western extremity of Hardrian's Wall in Cumbria, to investigate a large house unearthed last year.

A photo of a reconstruction of an african woman's face

Beachy Head Lady was young sub-Saharan Roman with good teeth, say archaeologists

A facial reconstruction as part of a project and exhibition in Eastbourne has revealed a young woman from sub-Saharan Africa. Archaeologist Jo Seaman tells us more.

A photo of roman stone artefacts inside a museum gallery

Curator's Choice: Hadrian's stonework, the Wroxeter Roman Mirror and a polar bear

Emma-Kate Lanyon, the Head of Collections and Curatorial Services, on the star exhibits and the long campaign to finish the new £10 million Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

A photo of an ancient Roman wall heading out onto fields under a blue sky

Trust behind Hadrian's Wall expresses "deep regret" as lack of funding forces closure

The Hadrian's Wall Trust will seek an "orderly and solvent" closure within the next six months after struggling following the loss of development funding.

A photo of an ancient drainage system in a sandy plot of archaeological land

Earliest evidence of Roman irrigation found by archaeologists near lost medieval village

A ridgeway found during an excavation as part of the £1 billion North West Cambridge development could have revealed Roman grapevines or asparagus beds, say archaeologists.

A photo of people sitting on top of stones which used to be Roman toilets on a hill

Ancient Roman loo legacy aims to inspire fundraising for facilities in toilet twinning plan

Organisers at the Vindolanda fort, on the edge of the former Roman Empire, have pulled out the thrones left by their former occupiers in a plan for World Water Day.

A photo of a woman in a white scientific coat piecing together the bones of a skeleton

Executed Vikings were inexperienced raiders who oozed smelly pus, say archaeologists

Having lent some of their skeletons to the British Museum's new exhibition, archaeologists have released more details on the Vikings found in a mass grave in Weymouth in 2009.

A photo of a sand-covered skull being held by gloves

Picture Gallery: Skulls, tools and cremations from 9,000 years of London archaeology

Transport for London's Crossrail subsidiary has launched an exhibition of some of its incredible finds from sites across the city. See a few of the discoveries here.

A photo of a skull in a museum

Last chance to see Neolithic tomb and Celtic fire-dog in Cardiff archaeological gallery

A 1st century leopard cup from Italy and examples of the earliest gold in Wales could move to St Fagans as part of a bid to give the collection greater exposure.

A photo of a mosaic showing a lion and a stag

Picture Gallery: Spectacular Roman mosaic found in Israel shows ancient animal paradise

One of the oldest surviving complete Roman mosaics, found in Lod, Israel, will appear in Britain this summer following a world tour to the Louvre and New York's Metropolitan Museum.

A photo of two men in high visibility jackets and hard hats digging an archaeological pit

Iron industry revered by Romans discovered during link road dig in East Sussex

An iron working site from the late Iron Age, hinting at a sophisticated iron industry the Romans would have wanted to control, has emerged on the Hastings-Bexhill link road.

A photo of a young girl looking up at a huge statue of an emperor's face

Welcome to Britain: Largest Roman sculpture to show its face at Chichester Novium

Twice life-size, cast in Italian marble and designed to gaze over visitors to Roman Sussex, the battered face of Emperor Trajan is becoming less of a mystery.

A photo of a scan showing a human skull against darkness

Decapitated Roman men found in London stream could have been gladiators

New research on 39 "trophy heads" found in London 25 years ago suggests the skulls may have been the ritually-buried remains of battle-hardened gladiators.

A photo of two young children standing silhouetted against a video of Stonehenge

Stories from Stonehenge 2013: A year of stories, theories and archaeology

We take a look back at some of this year's stories from Stonehenge, including new discoveries, exciting museum plans in the region and the opening of the new visitor centre.

Two men micro-excavate a lead coffin filled with earth

Roman child found by archaeologists named Oriens after Leicestershire public vote

Warwickshire Archaeology have announced the result of a public vote to name the skeletal remains of a Roman child found in Leicestershire at the end of October.

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