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A photo of a slab of red stone

Roman dog, goat and sheep imprints found by archaeologists in Leicester

Hoof and paw prints left on tiles are among the finds at Blackfriars in Leicester, where archaeologists believe a Roman mint and pit may have stood.

A photo of an ancient brown helmet

Inside the British Museum's new Sutton Hoo and Europe AD 300–1100 gallery

From the famous Anglo-Saxon finds of the Sutton Hoo Ship burial Mound to crystals from 9th century Germany, see some of the star exhibits from an amazing gallery of archaeology.

A photo of a sand-covered skull being held by gloves

Picture Gallery: Skulls, tools and cremations from 9,000 years of London archaeology

Transport for London's Crossrail subsidiary has launched an exhibition of some of its incredible finds from sites across the city. See a few of the discoveries here.

A photo of a skull in a museum

Last chance to see Neolithic tomb and Celtic fire-dog in Cardiff archaeological gallery

A 1st century leopard cup from Italy and examples of the earliest gold in Wales could move to St Fagans as part of a bid to give the collection greater exposure.

A photo of an archaeological rock against a dark blue background

Human remains and Medieval wall discovered by archaeologists at Anglesey church

Archaeologists say human remains were dumped outside a medieval wall in an early 7th century building on the site of the current St Ffinan's church.

A photo of two men in high visibility jackets and hard hats digging an archaeological pit

Iron industry revered by Romans discovered during link road dig in East Sussex

An iron working site from the late Iron Age, hinting at a sophisticated iron industry the Romans would have wanted to control, has emerged on the Hastings-Bexhill link road.

An image of an illustration from a medieval book showing two figures gesticulating

Curator's Choice: The Moving Word: French Medieval Manuscripts at Cambridge University

Professor Bill Burgwinkle on the legends of Arthur, Lancelot and the Round Table, strangulation and a period of language sometimes written out of literary history.

A photo of a large grey statue of a man carrying a sword under a blue sky

Archaeologists find suspected remains of Alfred the Great in Winchester

An overlooked box of bones in Winchester Museum holds a "plausible link" to the burials of the 10th century ruler or his son, Edward the Elder.

A photo of a grey grave showing skeletal remains next to a measuring stick

Wallingford Museum reburies hundreds of skeletons from Saxon and medieval Britain

The remains of around 500 people buried between the 10th and 14th centuries, including more than 200 near-complete skeletons, have been reburied in Oxfordshire.

A photo of people working on an archaeological dig

Archaeologists discover home of Charles I's surgeon at medieval Stratford site

Archaeologists have found the remains of Tudor and medieval buildings, signs of a long-suspected Roman road and "a few hidden gems" during a dig at Stratford Broadway in London.

A photo of a couple of chefs working with pans and plates on the deck of a ship

Heston Blumenthal cooks aboard HMS Victory for Great British Food series on Channel 4

As part of a new Channel 4 series exploring classic British recipes, top chef Heston Blumenthal heard stories of Nelson's Navy and their dependence on salty beef.

A photo of a skull next to a gloved hand

Books, bodies, bangles and boats: The top ten archaeology discoveries of 2013

From castles and fields to railway stations and log boats, dig up the past with us and come on a journey through some of the best archaeology finds of the year.

A photo of a skull next to a glove in soil

Mass Medieval grave found in archaeology dig at Durham World Heritage Site

Archaeologists will date the bones of 18 bodies crammed into a hastily-filled, unusually-positioned grave in Durham.

A photo of three pieces of gold archaeological jewellery

Curators appeal for help to save "Sutton Hoo Age" gold ring, Roman coins and treasures

Curators are appealing to the public in a bid to raise £70,000 for an incredible archaeological hoard of treasures found by metal detectorists in the Saffron Walden area.

A photo of various types of brown and white ancient pipes laid out in a row

Culture 24/7: Top History and Heritage exhibitions to see in the UK for November 2013

Ice Age tribes in Derbyshire, the return of a £2.3 million helmet in Cumbria and cabinets of curiosities in Lancashire and Devon - here are this month's history highlights.

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