Art Treasures of the North East

| 05 May 1999

The Art Treasures of the North East trail starts with Ancient Egyptian mummies,looks at Asian art and antiquities, visits extensive collections of internationallyimportant works of art, and ends in a small village in North Northumberland wherelocal children are featured in murals of Bible stories.

Travel back to the art of Ancient Egypt and meet mummies in the Land of the Pharaohs at theHancock Museum. Look at endangered species and energy saving ideas in the Living Planet.Wildlife displays, Abel’s Ark and the Magic of the Birds, plus spectacular temporary exhibitionsand events for all ages.

Durhams Oriental Museum is the only museum in the UKdevoted entirely to Oriental Art and Antiquities.The range of collections extends beyond the continent of Asia to Ancient Egypt andIslamic North Africa, and chronologically from the prehistoric period to the work of living artists.

The Bowes Museum houses a magnificent art collection in attractive countryside. Paintings,furniture, tapestries and ceramics are displayed in period settings. The silver swan automaton isunique. There are family links between the founders and the Royal Family. There is also a largecollection of local antiquities, including Roman finds.

The internationally renowned painting “The Dice Players” by Georges de la Tour, c. 1640, isdisplayed at Preston Hall Museum. Set in a 100 acre park, the museum also has collections ofcostume and toys, and displays of everyday life of the last 200 years.

The Shipley Art Gallery is home to one of the largest collections of contemporary craft in the North- textiles, jewellery, furniture and glass. Fine paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters are also ondisplay. Made in Gateshead, a look at the area’s history, is complemented by a series of temporaryexhibitions, workshops and activities.

The innovative Art on Tyneside at the Laing Art Gallery traces the region’s art and craft tradition,while the Procter & Gamble Children’s Gallery is the North East’s first art gallery designedespecially for youngsters. There are also extensive collections of paintings, watercolours, glass,sculpture, ceramics, silver and costume, and stunning temporary exhibitions.

Berwick-upon-Tweed Museum and Art Gallery, within Berwick Barracks, has a collection of fineand decorative art given by Sir William Burrell in the 1940’s, and an extensive collection of localmaterial.

Lady Waterford Hall was built as a Victorian school for the village of Ford. Louisa, Marchioness ofWaterford, painted murals of Bible stories using local children, workers and their families asmodels.

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