The Northernmost Frontier of the Roman Empire

| 25 April 1999

This Roman trail visits temples, bath houses, forts, supply depots and Hadrian’s Wall itself. Museums at these sites have all manner of objects made and used by the Romans.

Once the largest fort in Co. Durham, Binchester lay on Dere Street, the main Roman highway fromYork to Corbridge and Scotland. The fort has the best preserved military bath house in Britain.

Finds from Binchester are on display atThe Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

Evidence of the Romans in County Durham may be found at the, wherePrehistoric, Roman and Medieval objects are on display.

The easternmost frontier of Hadrian’s empire in Britain,Arbeia stands guard at the mouth of theRiver Tyne. See excavated ruins, museum displays of finds including weapons, jewellery and coins,summer excavations. Visit the stunning reconstructed West Gate or try your hand at working on anarchaeological dig in Time Quest.

The displays artefacts illustrating life in the area from early prehistory to thepost medieval period. Famous reconstructions of the Temple to Mithras, and models of Hadrian’sWall, its forts, turrets and milecastles, make this the ideal place to start a tour of Hadrian’s Wall.

Corbridge Roman Site was once a prosperous town and supply depot for Hadrian’s Wall. Extensivearchaeological remains can be seen, both on the ground and in the museum.

Roman artefacts excavated from Hadrian’s Wall in Victorian times are displayed in the museum atChesters.There is a fine collection of inscriptions and sculpture.Also on the site are the well-preserved remains of a Roman Bath House.

Housesteads is on one of the most dramatic parts of Hadrian’s Wall, with extensive remains of afort on an outcrop of the Whin Sill. Finds and sculpture from the site are on display in the museum.

At Vindolanda, visitors may inspect the remains of the Roman fort and settlement, and see itsextraordinary finds in the museum. Look at daily life and full size replicas of Roman buildings.Excavations are sometimes in progress during the summer.

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