George Ward's Evocative Photographs

Shows a black and white photo of a wide Victorian street with lots of people walking in one direction.

On the way to the Flower Show.

Step back in time to 1898 and imagine a warm, sunny afternoon in summer. Today is the start of the annual Amersham Flower show and everyone, including the Town Band is on their way down the High Street...

Shows a black and white photo of a crowd watching two men sitting with their legs either side of a wooden pole, balancing with sand bags.

The greasy pole competition.

This is one of the evocative photographs taken by George Ward, Amersham's own photographer who captured everyday life in the town from 1880 - 1930. The exhibition in the Market Hall from June 1 - 30, 2006 displays more than 80 exceptional photographs reproduced from the original glass plate negatives.

Shows a black and white photo of a bearded man working outside with an anvil.

Mr Brown the Blacksmith.

His photos show people at work and at play. Don't miss your oppprtunity to see the town through Ward's camera, see your street 100 years ago and sheep walking down the middle of the road!

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