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A photo of a design on a ceramic showing two nude Greek figures prancing around

The Wedgwood Collection Choice: The First Day's Vase from the Industrial Revolution

Marking a milestone in the Industrial Revolution, the Wedgwood's black basalt vases were made to celebrate the opening of the ornamental works at Etruria. Take a closer look.

A photo of a black and gold ceramic cast of a bull-like figure

Art Fund launches public appeal to save £15.75 million Wedgwood Collection

The V&A will take ownership of the UNESCO-classified collection before loaning it to the Wedgwood Museum if a public appeal can raise £2.75 million in under three months.

A black and white photo of a large urban building

Happy birthday Discovery Museum: Pictures from Newcastle's home of history past

Who knew that Tyneside's most popular history venue used to have a different name and live in a former bacon warehouse? The Discovery Museum celebrates 80 years.

A photo of a gold coin with the face of a Roman emperor and lettering engraved on it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold coins and daggers of war in the west

Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, introduces an extremely rare gold coin and a dangerous metal dagger found by a fisherman.

A photo of people working inside a large church on an excavation

Tree root beneath tomb, reused gravestones and Victorian alterations found at York chapel

Archaeologists investigating a huge tomb beneath a Medieval church have made more discoveries during work to ensure the ground and vaults are stable.

A photo of large grey steel gas pipes

Curator's Choice: Rotten eggs and hard labour at the last town gasworks in England

Ovens, tar and the smell of rotten eggs are all part of the ancient ovens at the Museum of Gas in Norfolk, which will enjoy a special opening for Museums at Night.

A photo of a museum of gas

Only surviving town gasworks in England and Wales to open for Museums at Night

The Gas Museum in the Norfolk town of Fakenham will light a lamp for the public this May. Chairman Mike Bridges tells us about pubs, cookers and the holes in every field.

A photo of various types of toilet in a museum display

Crapper to Modern Toss: Toilets by Twilight charts cistern history for Museums at Night

Pink toilet rolls, the Thomas Crapper seat, Carry on at your Convenience and "books about poo" all feature in a hot flush of a Museums at Night event in the Potteries.

A photo of a woman attending to a wooden door inside a historic house

Hidden Victorian nursery revealed for families to enjoy at 17th century Audley End House

The magnificent Essex mansion will reopen to the public in April following works which have included the unveiling of a previously unseen nursery. Take a peep inside.

A photo of a man in georgian cookery clothing inside a kitchen

Sex, addiction and the earliest ice recipe: 17th century journal reveals history of chocolate

During the 17th century, chocolate was seen as a health-damaging drug. Unperturbed, the Earl of Sandwich tried to produce a frozen treat during the 1660s.

An image of an ancient 18th century letter in black ink on yellow paper

Future King advised to avoid war in 18th century letter revealed at Buckingham Palace

The Prince of Wales's 18th century letter, advising the future King George III in a checklist shortly before the writer's premature death, is about to go on public show.

A photo of a sand-covered skull being held by gloves

Picture Gallery: Skulls, tools and cremations from 9,000 years of London archaeology

Transport for London's Crossrail subsidiary has launched an exhibition of some of its incredible finds from sites across the city. See a few of the discoveries here.

A photo of the inside of a large market

Public inquiry into £160 million scheme for Smithfield Market begins

The Victorian Society and Save Britain's Heritage will oppose plans to demolish part of Smithfield Market in an inquiry set to continue until the end of February.

A photo of an embroidered work of stitching showing two bygone men confronting

"Long and confusing" embroidered rants from a 19th century workhouse join Norfolk exhibition

Found in the attic of a house in County Durham, a large, punctuation-free embroidered panel by bygone stitcher Lorina Bulwer has joined a textile exhibition.

A photo of an archaeological rock against a dark blue background

Human remains and Medieval wall discovered by archaeologists at Anglesey church

Archaeologists say human remains were dumped outside a medieval wall in an early 7th century building on the site of the current St Ffinan's church.

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