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A black and white overhead photo of a British rural site during the 1920s or 1930s

English Heritage appeals to public to tag vast collection of First World War aerial photos

First World War Centenary planners and English Heritage are asking the public to share their knowledge of some of the sites shown in Britain from Above's collection of 95,000 photos.

The outermost gilded wooden coffin of the mummy of Tutankhamun (1922)

In Pictures: Discovering Tutankhamun at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

The Ashmolean's summer exhibition tells the story of one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made: the discovery of the tomb of the 'boy king'.

A photo of a four-man band posing in suits

Cara Spencer on her dad, the Beatles, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana and Victoria Beckham

Curated by his daughter and named after the war hero and photographer's favourite phrase, Living Dangerously is about to showcase Terence Spencer's remarkable career.

An image of a painting of a figurative man against a blue background

Kazimir Malevich: Discovering the man behind Suprematism at Tate Modern

Tate's retrospective of Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, whose paintings began to disappear under the Stalin regime of the 1930s, is a rare opportunity, says Rhiannon Starr.

A photo of a Russian sign from the 1980s

Paper Museums: Moscow Conceptualism in Transit conveys sense of dissident excitement

They may not be amusing, but the five artists whose lives and works are portrayed at the Southampton gallery make for important stories from art history, says Mark Sheerin.

A photo of the front of an orange book with the words the age of innocence on it

Competition: Win a copy of new Taschen book The Age of Innocence - Football in the 1970s

From politics to sideburns, The Age of Innocence is a tribute to an unforgettable era in the beautiful game. Win a copy of the beautiful book here.

An image of an animation of a footballer punching the ball

The World Cup in five seconds: Diego Maradona's hand of God goal against England

Twenty-eight years after it grabbed the headlines, artist Andy Baker recreates Diego Maradona's infamous goal for Argentina at the World Cup in Mexico.

A black and white photo of two Russian men holding cameras above a balcony

Exhibition shows revolutionaries of Russian avant-garde photography

The Visual Revolution, at London's Richard Saltoun Gallery, shows pictures taken by some of the greatest Soviet photographers between the 1920s and the Second World War.

A black and white photo of a couple kissing in the back of a car

Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album resuscitates the sixties at the Royal Academy of Arts

From photographs of Martin Luther King to a cinema classic in Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper's work captured the excitement of his time, says Christian Engel.

A photo of a footballer in white running past a footballer in red among the shadows

World Cup memories: Michael Owen makes his debut for England in France in 1998

Photographer Mark Leech saw Michael Owen, who would go on to become one of England's leading goalscorers of all time, make his debut at the World Cup 16 years ago.

A photo of a footballer using his hand to control a ball above the reach of a goalkeeper

World Cup 2014: Photographer Mark Leech on Diego Maradona's infamous Hand of God

Leading photographer Mark Leech blames England goalkeeper Peter Shilton for one of the most controversial goals of all time, looking back on an image of a "sly fox".

A photo of a wall full of football stickers

Panini World Cup Wall of Wonder unites every sticker ever issued in winning London show

Starting from the World Cup in Mexico in 1970, a huge homage wall of more than 4,000 footballers sounds a note of nostalgia for sport and sticker obsessives.

Glastonbury Festival

Postcards from Pilton: Inside the V&A's Glastonbury Festival archive

See pictures from the earliest days of the festival, when The Kinks headlined and tickets cost £1, to Glastonbury's modern-day standing as one of Britain's grandest annual events.

A photo of a woman standing next to a modernist painting of red, yellow and blue

Curator's Choice: Eleanor Clayton on Nasreen Mohamedi's red triangles and shifting light

A central, triangular room in Tate Liverpool's show takes inspiration from a particular painting by the Indian modernist, says the curator.

A photo of a large square hole in the ground next to an archaeological measuring stick

Archaeologists find ketchup, fishy condiments, beer and radio remains at World War II Prisoner of War camp

Used to house German and Italian soldiers and repatriate Polish soldiers during the 1940s, a dig at the East Ayrshire site known as Camp 22 has uncovered whisky and cutlery.

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