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A photo of a gold shard with decorations within it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: The story of an early Bronze Age lunula found in Dorset

Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen, the Finds Liaison Officer for Dorset, tells Culture24 about landowners chucking cows out of fields and neck rings found in grave settings.

A photo of a gold coin with the face of a Roman emperor and lettering engraved on it

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Roman gold coins and daggers of war in the west

Kurt Adams, the Finds Liaison Officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, introduces an extremely rare gold coin and a dangerous metal dagger found by a fisherman.

Festival of Archaeology 2014: Medieval rings, Bronze Age hoards and Iron Age discoveries

Jennifer Jackson, the Finds Liaison Officer for Kent, chooses three formidable archaeological discoveries found across the region, including the Boughton Malherbe hoard.

A photo of an old comb

Festival of Archaeology 2014: An Iron Age comb, medieval matrix and Bronze Age vessel

Angie Bolton, the Finds Liaison Officer for Worcestershire, picks a beautifully-decorated comb, a magic seal and an "unglamorous" sherd as three of her favourite discoveries.

A photo of a small ancient Roman coin in an outstretched palm

A once-in-a-lifetime discovery: Archaeologist Rachael Hall on Roman and Iron Age cave coins in the Peak District

The National Trust archaeologist tells us about the quest to excavate a hoard of special coins, found in a church-like cave in Derbyshire and resembling tiny pieces of art.

A photo of a circle of black stones on a beach

Archaeologists ring date ritual Bronze Age stone circle to same year as Seahenge

An eroded second stone circle, found on Holme Beach, where the original Seahenge was excavated 15 years ago, has been tree ring dated to 2049 BC - the same year as its sister site.

A black and white photo of some ancient stones in a field

Cornish archaeologists celebrate as 5,000-year-old "Devil's Frying Pan" of Carwynnen Quoit is restored

The capstone of a 5,000-year-old burial chamber has been lowered into place in Cornwall, ending a five-year project to restore a monument which collapsed almost 50 years ago.

A photo of two large prehistoric huts

Neolithic houses showed Stonehenge residents as talented builders, recreators say

See pictures of the Neolithic houses which have been opened to the public at Stonehenge - recreated based on the painstaking building processes of 2,500 years ago.

A photo of a hole in the ground full of rocks

Iron Age hillforts to 18th century graves: Archaeologists reveal discoveries in Scotland

A new exhibition reveals some of the innovative techniques used to explore ancient Scottish sites. Forestry Commission Archaeologist Matthew Richie tells us more.

A photo of a large dark brown Roman stone potted with circular holes

Looted stone of Roman mint reveals stories of prehistoric and medieval civilisations

The final stages of a major excavation at Blackfriars, a former industrial centre in Leicester, have sprung a few surprises, say archaeologists.

A photo of three prehistoric grey flint tool jagged artefacts

Earliest archaeological evidence in London could have been found at new US Embassy

Archaeologists say flint tools, found on a site in south London which was once hospitable to prehistoric people, could date from as far back as 700,000 years ago.

A photo of a child holding a baby mammoth

From Russia with love: Most complete woolly mammoth to go on public display

Found by a reindeer herder on a frozen Russian peninsula and still carrying remnants of its mother's milk in its stomach, a one-month-old mammoth is about to go on show.

A photo of an archaeological mud pit

Earliest houses, Bronze Age cremations and tools found by archaeologists in Scotland

A pair of rare jet necklaces from Yorkshire and evidence of Mesolithic coastal industries are among discoveries covering 7,000 years of history in south-west Scotland.

A photo of three people looking at an archaeological artefact underneath a blue tent

Archaeologists say Stonehenge was "London of the Mesolithic" in Amesbury investigation

Amesbury is the oldest settlement in Britain and has been continually occupied since 8820 BC, say archaeologists investigating bull bones and pink flints.

A close-up photo of a prehistoric man's face

Britain: One Million Years of Human History sparks superlatives at Natural History Museum

Rachel Teskey sees hyenas prowl Norfolk, elephants rampage across Trafalgar Square and Neanderthals stalk reindeer in the Natural History Museum's show.

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