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A close-up photo of a prehistoric man's face

Britain: One Million Years of Human History sparks superlatives at Natural History Museum

Rachel Teskey sees hyenas prowl Norfolk, elephants rampage across Trafalgar Square and Neanderthals stalk reindeer in the Natural History Museum's show.

A photo of a slab of red stone

Roman dog, goat and sheep imprints found by archaeologists in Leicester

Hoof and paw prints left on tiles are among the finds at Blackfriars in Leicester, where archaeologists believe a Roman mint and pit may have stood.

A photo of a human skeleton laid out on a table

Bronze Age skeleton of dagger-clutching Racton Man could have been a King or priest

Amy Roberts, Collections Officer at the Novium in Chichester, introduces the Bronze Age Racton Man whose imminent analysis could hold national importance.

A photo of the blood system of an insect

520 million-year-old swivel-eyed predator carried earliest cardiovascular system, say experts

A fossil found in China, related to modern insects, spiders, lobsters and millipedes, has one of the earliest blood vessel systems in a living animal, say Natural History Museum scientists.

A photo of a circular, sand-coloured Bronze Age pot against a black background

Cremated bones of Bronze Age tumour sufferer found hanging from Scottish cliff

Archaeologists investigating a cist, accompanied by a knife and food vessel within an eroding cliff on the Isle of Arran, say its remains come from a prehistoric cremation ceremony.

A photo of an ancient drainage system in a sandy plot of archaeological land

Earliest evidence of Roman irrigation found by archaeologists near lost medieval village

A ridgeway found during an excavation as part of the £1 billion North West Cambridge development could have revealed Roman grapevines or asparagus beds, say archaeologists.

A photo of a stone on grass with pock marks on it

Archaeologists say Ross-shire rock art poses "tantalising" questions in northern Scotland

Hidden decorations on a boulder, hammered and ground during the Neolithic or Bronze age period, represent "a window onto a hidden world", say archaeologists.

A photo of a replica body in dark brown mud

Archaeologists ask robber to return items and receive two-week history rehabilitation

Big Heritage say they will help a robber who stole items including a replica bog body and an iPad to escape their "crap circumstances" if they come forward.

A photo of a book from the 17th century

Most important book in English literature to be traded for torcs in Tour de France swap

Shakespeare's First Folio and a pair of Iron Age gold torcs will switch homes between the Yorkshire Museum and Craven Museum in a four-month switch.

A photo of a sand-covered skull being held by gloves

Picture Gallery: Skulls, tools and cremations from 9,000 years of London archaeology

Transport for London's Crossrail subsidiary has launched an exhibition of some of its incredible finds from sites across the city. See a few of the discoveries here.

A photo of a skull in a museum

Last chance to see Neolithic tomb and Celtic fire-dog in Cardiff archaeological gallery

A 1st century leopard cup from Italy and examples of the earliest gold in Wales could move to St Fagans as part of a bid to give the collection greater exposure.

A photo of an archaeologist in a high-visibility jacket digging around part of a grave

Bronze Age woman suffered from tooth decay, say archaeologists digging Scottish grave

A physically active woman from around 4,000 years ago suffered from poor oral hygiene, say archaeologists investigating a grave in Cullaird Wood.

A photo of a neanderthal man

Picture Gallery: Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story at the Natural History Museum

Neanderthals, antlers, bones and hand axes all arrive from hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Natural History Museum's soil-digging new exhibition.

A photo of a piece of Bronze Age jewellery

Salisbury Museum to bid for Bronze Age hoard coveted by British Museum

A set of 41 "startlingly beautiful" pieces of Bronze Age jewellery, known as the Wylye Hoard, are being assessed by the Treasure Valuation Committee.

A photo of a man looking at archaeological discoveries on coastal terrain

Earliest human footprints outside of Africa found on sands of Happisburgh in Norfolk

In the latest discoveries on the Norfolk coastal site which experts have spent ten years investigating, a set of footprints have been dated to at least 800,000 years ago.

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