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A photo of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the first called the armada portrait

Save the Armada Portrait: Public appeal launched to save £10 million painting of Elizabeth I

A 16th century portrait will enter public ownership for the first time in its 425-year history and be hung on the site of the original Greenwich Palace if a public appeal raises £8.6 million.

A photo of an artistic reinterpretation of the skull of king richard the third

Artist uses X-ray scans of King Richard III's skull to create a forensic record of his remains

Alexander de Cadenet has used X-rays of the skull of Richard III to create a series of vanitas artworks more than 500 years after the king's death.

a photo of a grave with a skeleton inside it

Immersive 3D digital grave reconstruction marks one year since Richard III re-interment

Leicester is marking the first anniversary of the re-interment of Richard III by launching a new 3-D interactive of the king's skeleton and grave as it was discovered.

a photo of a page of ink handwriting

New John Dee discovery reveals resemblance to mother and a mysterious 'dwarf'

As if there wasn't already enough interest in the forthcoming John Dee exhibition, curators at the Royal College of Physicians have uncovered a hitherto undeciphered page of biographical information......

An image of a painting of a boy in royal clothing - edward the sixth, henry the eighth's only son

Hidden portrait of Henry VIII's only son, Edward VI, emerges in painting of boy king who died at 15

A previously unknown portrait of Henry VIII’s only son, Edward VI, has been discovered in the art collection of London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.

a photo of a corner of a book with a doodle of an Elizabethan galleon in the corner

A magical glimpse into the Tudor imagination: Lost library of John Dee to be revealed

An unmissable glimpse into the Tudor imagination is promised by the Royal College of Physicians who will be showing books from the extraordinary lost library of polymath, mathematician and magician......

A photo of the stained, blue-green sleeved waistcoat worn by Charles the First at his execution

Object of the Week: The knitted silk waistcoat worn by Charles I at his execution in 1649

This fine, originally blue-green sleeved waistcoat or vest has traditionally been identified as one of the garments worn by Charles on the day he died, probably over a linen undershirt.

A photo of a man and a woman posing in a fragrance advert as part of an exhibition on Henry the eighth at York's Barley Hall

Décapitation perfume inspired by Catherine Howard indiscretions aims to turn museum visitors into "virile Tudor males"

A perfume dubbed Décapitation, honouring Catherine Howard, Henry VIII's allegedly unfaithful fifth wife, has been launched in York.

A photograph of two members of the British Monarchy

Duchess of Cambridge is less modern than you might think, claims Professor

An Oxford professor claims that Princess Kate is less of a modern princess than one might expect and carries out many of the traditional roles of a royal consort.

a photo of a woven tapestry which features two people and the mythical unicorn; a horse with a large horn on its head. There are also two people in front of the tapestry dressed in old fashioned clothes from the period.

James V's lost tapestries restored after largest UK weaving project in 100 years is completed

An Historic Scotland commissioned restoration of a set of tapestries as part of a larger proposal to renovate the palace of James V has been unveiled at Stirling Castle.

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