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A photo of a human backbone spine against a black background

Monster, villain and clown: Richard III tried to hide scoliosis before cruel depictions were made, new research says

The king could have tried to hide his scoliosis before his body was exhibited following his death at the Battle of Bosworth, says the University of Leicester's Dr Mary Ann Lund.

A photo of a gold coin showing a queen's head

Isaac Newton was behind Queen Anne coronation medal, secret sketchbook at Kew shows

An Oxford student who found one of the physicist's sketch and note-filled manuscripts in the National Archives says Newton made a medal given to crowds in 1702.

a photo of a sliver pendant in the shape of a boar

As Richard III's bones are laid to rest, museums explore king's DNA and reputation

As the remains of Richard III are laid to rest in Leicester, the Yorkshire Museum is exploring the man and the myth while the Science Museum revisits the forensic clues.

a photo of a skull

From car park to royal tomb: Ten stories from the discovery of Richard III

Marking Richard III's burial in Leicester Cathedral we look back at the top ten stories about the dramatic discovery of the last Plantaganet king of England.

A photo of a man speaking into a microphone

Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Richard III's second cousin as actor prepares to read at reinterment ceremony

Ahead of the cathedral ceremony, genealogists have produced a family tree which shows the Oscar nominee is the last Plantagenet king's Richard 16 times removed second cousin.

a photo of a bedstead and portrait of a Henry VIII on an easel

Henry VIII portrait and bed of his parents revealed in new Tudor display at Hever Castle

A portrait of a young and vigorous Henry VIII and the bed of his parents, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, are revealed at Anne Boleyn's childhood home, Hever Castle in Kent.

a photograph of a solar eclipse with a black disc illuminated from behind

Experts say Friday's solar eclipse mirrors astronomical events during final year of Richard III

As Richard III's reinterment approaches, experts say a rare solar eclipse on the day the medieval monarch's wife, Anne Neville, died - just months before the Battle of Bosworth - mirrors this......

a photo of a parchment with the Words Scarborough written in gold

Charter reveals how Richard III planned to make Scarborough an independent county

A fragile document at Scarborough Art Gallery reveals how King Richard III would have granted Scarborough independent county status had he defeated Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth.

a photo of a hand polishing a likeness of King John

Magna Carta: From the King's teeth to Horrible Histories at the British Library

Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy opens at the British Library on Friday with an impressive collection of manuscripts including the Declaration of Independence and the US Bill of Rights in the UK for ......

A photo of the reconstructed head of a king with blue eyes and blond hair

Head of Richard III reconstructed in four-hour operation based on DNA test results

Professor Caroline Wilkinson has reconstructed the head of Richard III, reflecting the blond hair and blue eyes of the king based on DNA evidence from his remains.

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