World War Two Japanese fighter Kawasaki Ki-100 goes back on display at RAF Cosford

Culture24 Staff | 21 February 2012
a photo of a plane in a hangar
Kawasaki Ki-100© RAF Museum Cosford
One of the rarest and most formidable fighters of World War Two, the Kawasaki Ki-100-1b, is returning to display at RAF Museum Cosford after an eight-year spell at the RAF Museum in London.

The Japanese aircraft made a late but deadly entrance to the war in the Pacific in 1945 and was successful in high altitude fighting against the increasing might of USAAF long range bomber squadrons.

Only 400 were manufactured before the Japanese surrender in August 1945. The RAF Museum's example is the only survivor.

Displayed with the Museum’s collection of Second World War aircraft, the fighter is described by Curator Al Mclean as “fast, manoeuvrable, rugged and reliable”.

“Allied pilots found the Ki-100 a formidable opponent and this is the only one to survive," he adds.

"It will take up position along side the Mitsubishi Dinah [also unique] in our Warplanes display.”

To make way for the Kawasaki’s return, the Gloster Meteor F9/40 has made the journey in the opposite direction and is now on display to visitors at the RAF Museum London.
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